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50 upcoming PC games for 2014 and beyond

Super TIME Force Ultra

Release date: 2014

Do you like over-the-top insanity? Do you enjoy games where there can be so much going on at once the entire scene sounds like one giant explosion? Are you a fan of awesome retro-style graphics? Are you mad when consoles get a cool game before PC, but like when those games come with extra content when they do launch on PC? If you'd say yes to all of these things, then Super T.I.M.E. Force Ultra is absolutely, 100% made for your tastes. Simply put: the game is bonkers.

The game plays like a classic Contra game, but with a twist: the ability to rewind or fast-forward time in order to regain fallen comrades, whose "ghosts" follow your player after you kill them and allow you to save them by killing the enemy that killed them. It's really hard to explain in this limited capacity, so go fire up a trailer and see what we're so excited to blow stuff up.

Tales from the Borderlands

Release date: 2014

We expect Telltale Games to make quality games based on franchises in other forms of media. The Wolf Among Us borrows from Bill Cunninghams Fables series, The Walking Dead takes its cues from Robert Kirkmans mega-franchise, and the upcoming Game of Thrones title will have George R.R. Martins right hand man consulting the project. However, a series based primarily in video games is brand new ground for the studio, but Tales from the Borderlands will look to expand Telltales repertoire later this year.

Tales of the Borderlands takes place in the aftermath of the Borderlands 2 story line, following two original characters created for the game: Rhys and Fiona. It sounds like the two will be telling their own side of the same story, so we assume that details will conflict between the two stories, and perhaps both will clash with what actually happened. Its an interesting feat, but one we think Telltale can handle with no problem at all.

This War of Mine

Release date: 2014

If youre unfamiliar with This War of Mine, youve probably read the title and thought oh goody, yet another war game. Youre preparing yourself for screenshots filled with brown and grey, explosions galore, and bullets whizzing past you. However, This War of Mine is not the war game youre used to; in fact, this game will give you a whole perspective on war as a whole.

This War of Mine puts you in control not of a soldier, but of an innocent civilian caught in the middle of the bloodshed. Youll duck for cover, scavenge for food, and just try to survive in this wartime hellhole. Oh, and you have a family to protect as well; dont think youll just be going it alone. We love it when games give us a fresh perspective on familiar territory, and This War of Mine looks to be giving the freshest perspective of war weve ever seen.

No Man's Sky

Release date: 2015

Where is there to explore if were confined to the limits of a world map? How can we boldly go where no man has gone before, if some developer has already pored over every inch of every blade of grass to try and make the perfect game? We want to reach new heights, to believe that anything is possible--not be told there are exactly 50 objects to collect and 10 bosses to conquer.

No Mans Sky might be the game where we really feel freedom. Endlessly generated, open world space exploration, and the ability to show off our newest discoveries to friends? Yes please. The skys the limit, and no restrictive, predetermined experience is going to take that from us.

Dead Island 2

Release date: Spring 2015

The original Dead Island was one of our favorite flawed games of the past few years. For every minute we enjoyed the awesome melee combat and addictive RPG elements, we cursed the skies for some kind of tedious grinding mechanic or gamebreaking glitch. We tried our best to love it, but some issues were just too glaring to ignore when youre knee deep in a residue of Q and A hell.

While Riptide definitely smoothed out some of the rough edges, a full-blown sequel aught to be the Dead Island that should have been. Bug free, creative weapons, varied class abilities, and more zombies than you can shake an electric sledgehammer at. Just one issue--did anyone tell Yager that LA isnt exactly an island?

Darkest Dungeon

Release date: 2015

With each passing day, it seems more and more like Kickstarters sole purpose is to fund indie roguelikes. Sure, theres a couple of Tim Schafer projects in there, and weve heard rumors that the site also supports products that arent video games, but theres only so many roguelikes we can throw our cash behind before were ready for something else.

or so we thought before Darkest Dungeon caught our eye. Aside from its striking hand-drawn gothic style, the emphasis on character behaviors and afflictions that go beyond a simple stat debuff reminds us not of another sterile dungeon crawler, but of a party of personalities. It might not be a substitute for a real D&D group, but its a start.


Release date: 2014

When you put this game's title "Volume" next to its creator Mike Bithell, one may assume that the game is about the volume of an object or something along those lines. After all, this is the guy who named colored squares, set them in an obstacle course, and make us legitimately feel for them. However, there's another meaning to the word that Bithell has developed his game around.

Volume is all about sound, and how the main character Locksley uses it to his advantage as the most successful cat burglar in his time. Playing as Locksley, we'll have to stealth our way through the game, using sounds to distract and confuse those hunting us if we are to succeed. It sounds like another winner for Mr. Bithell; we'll see when it launches later this year.

The Witness

Release date: 2014

Jonathan Blow is one of those once in a generation type of developers; a man whose unique talents and vision lead him to develop only one game in every generation. Last time, Braid bent our minds while bending time and conventional story structure, and next he brings us The Witness, which will bend our mindssomehow. Were not sure yet.

We havent heard a single thing about the Witness since Blow took the stage at the initial PS4 reveal last year. Whats the deal here? Is it close? Will we be trying to figure out Blows latest enigma soon, or will we have to wait? The lack of answers is certainly frustrating, but were sure itll be a great game no matter when it hits. We only hope he doesnt decide to say Oh, the game is coming out tomorrow, enjoy! We need time to prepare.

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

Release date: 2014

The fifth expansion of World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor, brings with it some pretty big changes. A level cap raise to 100 was totally expected, but the ability to advance a character to level 90 right from the get-go is a feature we didn't expect to see. Allowing players to bypass all of those man-hours won't sit well with seasoned players, but it does open the door for a whole new generation of players. WoW is approaching the ten-year mark, after all, so they have to do whatever they can to appeal to players new and old.

More interesting is the story arc, taking players back to the land of Draenor for the first time since the original Warcraft and creating a parallel timeline type of story. Longtime Warcraft fans should love going back to the game's roots, while newer players will get a glimpse of how things used to be for the series...without the old strategy format, of course. Simply put, it's a new WoW expansion, and it's worth your time if you're a WoW fan.

World of Warships

Release date: 2014

Wargaming knows how to stage a battle. First World of Tanks took the world by storm with its addictive free-to-play tank combat, and then World of Warplanes took the same concept to the skies and entered us into intense dogfights high above the ground. Now Wargaming is going for the triple play with World of Warships, adding the sea to the land and air battles already in the catalog.

Just like the previous games, World of Warships will give players their choice of warships from a catalog that spans decades of human history. Well be able to customize our ships, outfit them with some massive firepower, and then send them into a battle for supremacy against other players vessels. With World of Tanks still making a killing and World of Warplanes coming into its own, we have no reason to believe that World of Warplanes wont become the third big Wargaming success story.