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50 upcoming PC games for 2014 and beyond

Never Alone

Release date: 2014

Video games have dealt with all kinds of cultures in the past. Weve seen Ancient Rome, Renaissance Italy, Feudal Japan, colonial America, and many many more throughout the years. Indie dev Upper One Games looks to add another subculture to the list of gaming focuses, a culture that were not sure the industry has ever represented before: the natives of Alaska are finally getting their place in the gaming sun.

Upper One didnt want to go into this without doing their research, so they brought in Alaskan Native tribe elders and storytellers to help them craft this puzzle-platformer, in which we must control a little girl who quests to save her people from a blizzard without an end. After reading up on this game, we are totally fascinated, and we cant wait for some Alaskan Native tangential learning. Who said gaming couldnt teach us about the world?

Neverending Nightmares

Release date: 2014

Weve only seen a 30-second teaser trailer for Neverending Nightmares, and thats all we needed. We love the unique black-and-white-and-red-all-over art style a la MadWorld, we love the candlelight mechanic that only shows us the area just around the candle, and were really intrigued with how far this game is willing to go to spook us; the trailer had some pretty crazy things in it.

We love when a new horror game shows up and gets our imaginations running, and thats exactly what happened after seeing Neverending Nightmares. Were obviously not alone either, considering the successfully funded Kickstarter and continued support via the donation section of their website. We hope the wait for this game isnt never-ending, because we really wanted to play it.

Nuclear Throne

Release date: 2014

Luftrausers. Ridiculous Fishing. Vlambeer is no stranger to creating games that hook us in and dont let us go. Their newest venture, Nuclear Throne, looks to be the same type of madness, only this time well be shooting hordes of enemies Smash TV-style with twin stick controls and a cast of post-apocalyptic mutants who want a taste of the good life. Somehow, Vlambeer continues to figure out exactly what we want, even if we didnt know we wanted it.

While Nuclear Throne does throw in a difficulty spike with the one-life-only mechanic, the amount of character progression theyre also including makes us think our characters can become powerful enough to stay alive. Of course the more we progress our character, the more well fear losing him or her to death, so we suppose its a double edged swordeither way, were going to play the heck out of Nuclear Throne, and if Vlambeers other games are any indication, were going to love it.


Release date: 2014

Heres a description of Forma.8 straight from the developers: Forma.8 starts with no powers, no weapons, and no hints of what to do and where to go; its up to the player to explore the planet, deal with its often hostile inhabitants, and slowly uncover the story. Stop us if were wrong, but we swear Nintendo has a long-standing sci-fi series that used to work the same way. If Forma.8 can be as fun and influential as Metroid was, then were going to love every second of it.

The main difference here is the ability to fly through the air at will; Samus couldnt do that. The art style is vibrant and peculiar at the same time, creating a world that has as much mystery in its aesthetics as it does in its layout. We cant imagine the kind of opposition were going to face on this desolate planet, but we think were going to enjoy the heck out of it anyway. Forma.8 looks like a winner.

Offworld Trading Company

Release date: 2014

So we've all played real-time strategy games before, and we all get the basic idea: build strongholds by collecting resources, amass a large army for conquering other bases, and try to be the last one standing. Most RTS games put their challenge in building a large force for protection and dominance, but what if the focus changed from militaristic goals to financial ones?

That's what Offworld Trading Company is going to try and show us. Here we're not going to be worried about building armies and amassing might. This will be about money; how we trade it, what we pay for, and what we get in return will be the keys to success. Maintaining our wallets over our might is an interesting approach for the genre, and we'll definitely be keeping an eye on this game because of it.

Rise of the Incarnates

Release date: 2014

Remember Bloody Roar, the 3D fighting game where fighters could morph into different types of animals mid-match for boosted abilities? Take that concept, but replace animals with gods and goddesses from every known religion on Earth, and you get Rise of the Incarnates. That sounds pretty crazy, but its an idea we can get behind. After all, Smite does the same thing in the MOBA world; why not have a deity fighting game too?

This PC-exclusive fighter will sports 2-on-2 battles in giant, Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi-esque battlefields. Players will be able to run, jump, and fly all around the arena during a match, using that mobility to their advantage. This is not something we ever thought wed see, but hell if were not keeping an eye on it.

Road Not Taken

Release date: 2014

How many games have you heard of that are based on famous poetry? Not many we think, but Road Not Taken is looking to set a new trend. Based on the poem by Robert Frost, Road Not Taken wants to explore the effect of surprises on someones life, whether they are good or bad in nature. Considering the game is a procedurally generated roguelike, we think it should succeed in its quest.

Road Not Taken takes place entirely in a forest after a major blizzard. As we traverse the woodland well run into animals, other people lost in the woods, barriers with no way through, and a slew of other obstacles that developer Spry Fox isnt getting into just yet. Were very much intrigued by this entire concept, and we hope that it takes the fast road to fruition, because we want to play it soon.

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms

Release date: 2014

The isometric RPG sub-genre started by the Diablo series has inspired many other RPG games, most recently games like Path of Exile. Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is another example, though this game makes things a little more complex with a few of its mechanics. Remember switching between the Light and Dark Worlds in Link to the Past? Youll be doing it in Shadows as well.

We play as a character called The Devourer in the game, an entity who can travel between the human and shadow worlds at will, devouring souls for sustenance along the way. Well be able to use this technique to avoid combat, solve puzzles, and traverse obstacles in one world that arent in the other world. Shadows is giving us TWO worlds to explore simultaneously, which hopefully means double the fun when we finally play through.

Star Citizen

Release date: 2014

Ambitious is a word not lightly used around these parts, but we cant think of a better word to describe Star Citizen. The game is looking to be massive, featuring giant galactic space battles and an even bigger trading and citizenship system. Cloud Imperium Games is essentially building its own digital Roman empire and placing it in the 30th century. Thats insane!

The game has a central governing body called the United Empire of Earth, or UEE, and players will actually have to earn their way to membership through a variety of means, like military service. We assume theres going to be some kind of benefit for induction into the empire, but what exactly that will be were not sure yet. All we do know is Star Citizen is easily one of the most ambitious (theres that word again) games in development right now, and were looking forward to seeing how it ends up.

Styx: Master of Shadows

Release date: 2014

Weve all played stealth-action games before, sticking to the shadows to avoid being seen by the enemy. Games like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell have set the standard for what a stealth video game can be. However, Styx: Master of Shadows is going to tamper with the formula, introducing some new mechanics in the hopes that it will change the way we think of stealth.

Set in the Of Orcs and Men universe, Styx follows the story of the first-ever Goblin, Styx, as he ascends Tower of Akenash, patrolled by humans and elves, in search of fortune. Along with the standard stealth abilities, Styx has the ability to create clones of himself on the fly, allowing us players to scout or create a diversion without any danger to our lead character. With this power in our hands, we may finally be able to get through a stealth game without getting caught oncemaybe.