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50 upcoming PC games for 2014 and beyond

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Looking for a console-by-console breakdown of every game you need to pay attention to? GamesRadar has you covered. We keep lists of the most anticipated upcoming games totally up-to-date to give you the best information available on the web.

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What's next for the master race?

Next-gen? What? You've been living next-gen for the last five years. The glorious PC marches on in 2014, with a full slate of brand new games to install and play to our heart's content on the horizon. Of course, these new flashy titles will have to wait at the back of the backlog while we tear through everything we purchased in the last Steam Sale, but it's ok, we'll... we'll get to them eventually.

In all seriousness, the 50 games on this list are not to be ignored. They're the cream of the crop for the year 2014, or at least the games we already know about. What other surprises this year holds are yet to be seen; but we'll have plenty of play until we find out.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Release date: November 4, 2014 [Pre-Order it on Amazon (opens in new tab)]

When Activision mentioned that they started a new three-year development cycle for its juggernaut Call of Duty franchise, we had one major thought: eventually we're going to get a Call of Duty game made by a brand new development studio, and that could be a blessing in disguise. Advanced Warfare is that game, and Sledgehammer Games is that studio, and so far we think things are coming along nicely.

We like the futuristic motif of this new Call of Duty game. We like that we'll get to see some really high-tech stuff, some of which actually exists today. Hell, we like that Kevin Spacey was tapped to be the main antagonist. Anyone whose watched House of Cards knows exactly why that was a brilliant move. We'll see more in the coming weeks, but right now Advanced Warfare could be a big step in a new direction for Call of Duty.


Release date: 2014


In all seriousness, Broforce is absolutely the type of game that will get your patriotic juices flowing. Youll take control of one of a selection of 80s and 90s action heroes, using him to blow enemies away with massive guns and insane explosions. You can even get a few of your bros together to tackle Broforce together if you like. Save all the manly things you have to do until after you play Broforce for a while; no other game makes you feel more like a man than this one.


Release date: 2014

Harmonix is making a new music game! Hooray! Its a rhythm-based multiplayer first-person shooter! Hoorawait, what? As hard to believe as it sounds, Harmonix is going to try to meld the worlds of rhythm/music games and first-person shooters together in a game that will have as many toes tapping as it will guns rat-a-tat-tatting. If anyone can do it, its Harmonix.

Everything we will do in Chroma, from combat to arena traversal, will fall in line with the in-game soundtrack. Think of how the new Killer Instincts Ultra Combos create a brief song, but stretch that idea throughout the entire game and you get Chroma. The environment isnt immune either, as major key or tempo changes in the music will change the layout of the terrain in the middle of a match. The game already looks awesome, but if Chroma will let us import our own music, this could be one of the coolest games ever made. Shooting to Beethovens Ninth Symphony? Yes please!

Grand Theft Auto V

Release Date: November 14

Your console buddies laughed with glee as they popped GTA V into their pathetic last-gen consoles. They taunted you with its living world and crazy characters, but you stayed silent. You let them have their fun, knowing that it was only a matter of time before another edition of the game, the true version of GTA V, would inevitably be making its way onto the PC.

Ladies and gentlemen, that day is nigh. With even more gorgeous graphics and increased online play, the biggest name in video game chaos has every reason to become a hit on PC. Then again, theres always the fact that such a crazy open-world game is a modders wet dream-- if we cant skydive with Macho Man Randy Savage as our parachute by the end of the year, theres just no reason to live on this planet anymore.

Far Cry 4

Release Date: November 18

As much as we loved Far Cry 3s gorgeous open world and silky smooth gunplay, a time comes when were ready to move on. Yes, we do in fact know the definition of insanity. Of course our tatau is hella sweet brah. And yes, we DID just sick yet another tiger on that gang of smugglers. When are we going to take our lone wolf, master survivalist skills to the next level?

Very, very soon, as it would seem. Set in a civil-war torn patch of the Himalayas, Far Cry 4 looks to build on what made its predecessor great by giving us few more toys and a whole new sandbox to play in. If Pagan Min, the new, creepily fashionable baddie, is even nearly as enthralling as our old buddy Vaas, itll be more than enough for us to take an excursion to the East.


Release date: 2014

On the surface, Crawl looks like any other ordinary dungeon-crawler. There are monsters to defeat, loot to collect, and quests to complete. However, Crawl hides one major twist: every monster encountered in Crawl is controlled by another human, and if one of them kills you, that human then takes control of the hero and the game continues. NOW were talking!

Imagine a group of friends loading up a game of Crawl and battling it out for hours over who gets to control the main hero. There could be friendships strained or even lost, secret alliances that form over shady back-alley deals, and who else what other kinds of subterfuge. This isnt your daddys dungeon-crawler; this is Crawl, where everyone is welcome to grab a controller and be a part of the game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Release date: November 18, 2014

The Dragon Age franchise has a lot of making up to do with its loyal fans. Dragon Age: Origins was incredible, the kind of game we could waste hundreds of hours into without even trying. Dragon Age II, on the other handwell, to say it didnt live up to our standards is an understatement and a half. We wanted to love you, Dragon Age II, but we just couldnt do it.

Because of this, the third installment Inquisition has a truckload of pressure resting on it. Not only does it have to wow us, but it has to win back the lost Dragon Age souls who left when the second game became too much to bear. We havent heard much about it since the news in the fall, so were ready for more information soon. Will this be Dragon Ages saving grace? We hope so.

EverQuest Next

Release date: 2014

World of Warcraft can call itself the king of MMOs, but EverQuest laughs right in its face. Sony Online Entertainments online epic has been going strong since 1999, building a legion of fans across the world. Multiple games have been made and millions of hours have been devoted to this massive world, leaving any other MMO in the dust.

The next game in the series, going by the straightforward moniker EverQuest Next, does not fall anywhere in the current EverQuest storyline. Instead, this game will be a parallel universe where locations may be familiar, but the specific events of the story may divert from the official lore. Who doesnt love a re-write, especially when it doesnt impact the main story? WoW better watch not, because EverQuest isnt going anywhere anytime soon.


Release date: 2014

Fortnite has so many things going on, its hard to classify it in one single genre. When the sun is out, the game is a virtual sandbox, encouraging us to explore and scavenge in order to build forts for protection at night, when waves of undead enemies rise from the ground and attack, turning the game into a tower defense situation. See? Theres a lot to take in.

Sandbox by day, tower defense by night is the name of Fortnites game, which will be the first game to use the brand new Unreal Engine 4. All of this stuff to do AND a brand new engine to do it on? Epic is leaving no stone unturned with Fortnite, which can only mean an excellent experience for all of us when it finally releases.

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