Until Dawn survival guide

Chapter 6

In Self Defense

At the chapter start, Matt and Emily will be backed against a cliff by a herd of elk. Keep her calm and inch forward. You may get a chance to swing your axe into some of the more riled up animals, but not do this - let the moment pass. You'll be able to calmly wade your way through the herd to safety.

Who Gets the Gun

When you reach the fire tower, head outside to find a flare gun in a case on the opposite side of the top floor. You can them choose to keep the gun with Emily or give it to Matt. Let Matt have it, and he'll fire it off.

Save Yourself, Part 1

One of the game's craziest moments involves your lovely fire tower sliding down a hill into the mines. When it does, Matt will have the option to try to save Emily or jump to safety. It may seem selfish, but you'll have to jump if you want to keep both characters alive.

Forewarned is Forearmed, Part 1

After examining the doll house and entering a new part of the basement, check the workbench immediately beyond the door. After reading the catalogue there, you'll spot a pair of scissors - take them.

Stick Together

Deep in the old hotel, Chris will open a heavy door for the two of you, but another figure appears back in the workshop. You can either stay with Chris or go after that other person. Do the smart thing and stick together.

Forewarned is Forearmed, Part 2

Shortly after, the psycho will attack the two of you. Give him a nice stab wound with those scissors you grabbed earlier.

Point Blank, Part 1

This is a tough one. In the depths of the old hotel, Chris and Ashley will find themselves strapped to chairs, with saws above their heads and a gun on the table. You'll have a choice of who to shoot. However, you can also wait out the clock and not shoot anybody at all - do that instead.

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