Unreal Tournament III - hands-on

You'll have heard about the Necris Dark Walker before - a terrifying War of the Worlds tripod that fires a devastating death ray that incinerates all in its path - but another equally awesome vehicle is the Axon Leviathan, a monster tank that can actually hold up to five players, with each on a different weapon, or when deployed, launch a very powerful cannon blast that can destroy other vehicles with one hit.

Warfare involves two teams battling for the domination of a number of nodes on a map, by either destroying them or by grabbing and delivering a glowing orb into their shimmering faces. Link a few nodes together and you can then destroy the enemy's core, winning the match.

With two nodes active at any time, the result is a fast and incredibly frantic team game, with action concentrated around certain areas, and blood, gibs, plasma and body parts scattering in every direction.

As a new multiplayer mode, Warfare works incredibly well - the balancing of the weapons and vehicles makes for some tight matches, and there are tons of useful tips that you discover as you play, such as the fact you can heal your team's nodes with the Link Gun's alternate fire. If the timer ticks down to zero and no one has destroyed the other team's core, the game goes into Overtime, and it becomes a tense fight to the death - with much angry smashing of a mouse into the desk if you're eliminated.

We can't be more excited about Unreal Tournament III - there really isn't any other shooter on the radar that has the game's breadth and depth of weapons, vehicles and level design, all enveloped in truly mesmerizing 60fps graphics that ache to be displayed on a giant monitor.