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Uncharted: Golden Abyss collectibles guide

Chapter 14

Photo 1: Perez’s IOA Truck

In the area where the chapter begins, find this stone column (notice the blue truck in the background). There is a small yellow handhold, as you can see above, that will allow you to get to the top. Once up there, a photo prompt will appear.

Charcoal Rubbing 1

There are two openings in walls that you can hop through in this area. One leads to the progression of the level, and one leads to a rubbing. The latter is about 50 feet in front of the brown jeep (notice the perspective of the screenshot). Climb through the opening and find a handhold near where the wall ends. Climb to the very top of the wall and hop over to the other side.

Glyph 1: Aspect of Xilomalinal

Soon after you boost Chase up and follow her via the crate she kicks down, you’ll notice she’s begun climbing a tall column. Run past the column until you run into a patch of bamboo. Cut through it and walk straight ahead to find these handholds on the wall to your right. Climb up to find a glyph.

Chapter 15

Photo 1: Statue of Arius

As soon as the chapter begins, turn around and walk towards the door you were trying to push open during the cutscene. Look to the right and you’ll notice a statue. Walk towards it and a photo prompt will appear.

Photo 2: Perez’s Sifting Box

After breaking through the brick wall with Chase, head off to the right. At the end of this path you’ll find a hole through which you can drop down into a small room. Inside this room is a photo op.

Photo 3: Perez’s Gear

After climbing up a ladder to join Chase, immediately look at the stone wall for a way to climb even higher. You’ll find a small room at the top.

Glyph 1: Aspect of the Crescent

Just after the short cutscene at the wooden door, you’ll reach a spot where Drake has to leap over to a broken column. Instead of doing that, look to the right (in the direction Drake is facing in the screenshot) for some handholds on the wall. Follow these handholds until you reach a glyph stuck in the wall.

Glyph 2: Aspect of Huezicaltli

Return to wall with the first handhold. To the immediate right is a narrow passage way through which Drake can squeeze. Find the glyph on the ground once through.

Strange Relic

After jumping across the two columns, you’ll reach the other side of the locked wooden door. Face it, then turn around and look for handholds leading up the wall. Climb to the top to find the strange relic, which you apparently rub clean with something other than your hands. Let’s not think too much about it...

Glyph 3: Aspect of Coyahuatli

This glyph is in the eastern most part of the chamber with all the chimera. Head through the maze section and look for this area where the sunlight is peeking through the roof. Climb the handholds on one side of the wall until you can go no further, then leap to the opposite wall to reach the glyph.

Finding the rest of the charcoal rubbings is required in order to proceed. If you’re having trouble locating them, check the map you were given at the start of the section.

Chapter 16

The first part of Chapter 16 is a lot like 13, in that you collect treasures during a cutscene. The following 6 items can be obtained by tapping the glimmering spots on the stone table during chapter 15’s first cutscene:

Woodcut of the Serpent Guardians

Woodcut of the Spanish Massacre

Journal of Vincent Perez

Woodcut of Coronado

Woodcut of Marcos and Esteban

Woodcut of Marcos and the Doorway to the Gods

Glyph 1: Aspect of Huacatani

With the vantage point from which you solve the statue puzzle as your reference, check these vines on the right side of the room for a glyph.

Glyph 2: Aspect of Hechitocitzi

After you enter the tomb, meet up with Chase and a short cutscene involving a grave will ensue. After the scene, look for this nearby statue and grab the glyph from the ground below it.

Photo 1: Statue of Aurea

In the same room, walk over to the corner left of the statue from under which you found glyph 2. A photo prompt should appear.