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Uncharted: Golden Abyss collectibles guide

Chapter 5

Treasure 1: Victorian Pendant

After taking out the second enemy of the chapter, move past where Chase is standing and turn left to find a grey tarp. Cut through it with your machete. Enter this new little area and turn left to find a treasure on the ground in the corner.

Photo 1: Cooking Poison

After using Chase’s crate to climb up, follower her, but when she turns left, continue straight ahead into a small room with a wood-burning stove. A photo prompt will appear.

Glyph 1: Tear of Chihopotex

After the truck crash, you’ll need to find another way to reach Chase. Backtrack to a yellow pipe and climb onto the roof. Cross the plank bridge you see, but instead of proceeding, drop down to the ledge below, as seen in the screenshot.

Charcoal Rubbing 1

After meeting up with Chase, you’ll find yourself in an area full of baddies. Instead of going off to the right to take out the first one, head left and look for this wooden gravestone in the corner. You can also do this after clearing the area.

Treasure 2: How to Replace Bananas

If you haven’t already, kill all the enemies in this area. Look for a deck somewhere along the perimeter. Climb up and check the barrel to your right for a treasure.

Glyph 2: Aspect of Kwanuhuatli

From the same area, look for a slope leading up. Follow it around to the right until it ends. On the ground next to a stack of tires, you’ll find this glyph.

Chapter 6

Glyph 1: Aspect of Atchihuatli

You can actually see this glyph from glistening in the distance from your starting position. Hop down to the ground and go straight ahead. The glyph is on the ground in the corner.

Treasure 1: Copper Locket

After you boost Chase up, take out the enemy that appears and go under the shack as your friend suggests. Instead of just passing through, look for a crate next to a flaming barrel. Climb up here and around to your left until you’re in a new room. Check on top of the white clothes washer for this treasure.

Glyph 2: Aspect of Imnahicatol

Drop down and proceed through to the other side of the shack. As soon as you emerge, turn around and look up to spot a ledge with a yellow tarp on it. Climb up here to find a glyph.

Photo 1: Storing Chemicals

Drop down and walk past the left side of the ledge you were just on. Loop all the way around the area in a counter-clockwise direction until you find a room blocked off by a grey tarp (notice the ledge in relation to this tarp in the screenshot). Cut the tarp and enter the room to find a photo op.

Treasure 2: Pour Carefully

After you jump from the sign to the wooden deck, the deck will fall (of course). Climb up it, but instead of walking forward to meet Chase, jump up onto the window to your right. Shimmy around the building and drop down onto a smaller deck, where you’ll find a treasure.

Photo 2: Carry A Big Stick

Soon after you meet up with Chase, a firefight ensues. Take out the enemies from where you are, then walk over to the ledge on your right but do not drop down. A photo prompt will appear.