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Uncharted: Golden Abyss collectibles guide

Chapter 3

Glyph 1:Aspect of Temopichlitec

Once the bridge falls, leap from it to the cliff face. Instead of going left, as the camera suggest, shimmy right to find a glyph.

Glyph 2: Aspect of Pocatexcatil

Use the sniper rifle to save Chase, but instead of hopping across the gap to the higher ledge, drop down. Shimmy down and to your right to find a glyph.

Charcoal Rubbing 1

Now climb back up and proceed across that gap. Just beyond it, you’ll spot some bamboo on your right (if Drake begins shuffling along the narrow edge, you’ve gone too far). Clear the bamboo, climb up, and clear some more bamboo to find a rubbing opportunity.

Treasure 1: Sextant

While following the tire tracks through the jungle, you’ll run into your first shotgun-wielding baddy. Take him out, then climb the wall to your right. At the top, you’ll find this treasure in the sifting pan on the ground.

Photo 1: Equipment

As you make your way down the next slope, look for two red barrels across from a truck. Approach these barrels to reveal a photo prompt.

Chapter 4

Charcoal Rubbing 1

As soon as the chapter begins, look at the wall to the right of the bars. There are some tick marks here for you to rub.

Treasure 1: Class Ring

Climb the crates in the corner of your cell in order to get up to a second level. Cross the beam but do not enter the next room with the fire. Instead, jump to a beam to your left, shimmy left, and climb into a different room. Drop down and you’ll be in the cell adjacent to your original one. The treasure is on a shelf.

Photo 1: Guerro’s Persuasion Room

In the same cell where you found the class ring, walk towards the wooden chair. A photo prompt should appear.

Glyph 1: Dance of the Sky Gods

After a short cutscene in which you obtain a machete, you’ll need to cut through a tarp. Proceed straight ahead to the other side of the room where you’ll find a glyph on a pile of debris.

Treasure 2: Measure Once, Cut Twice

After you monkey-bar across the rafters, you’ll leap to a pipe. Instead of going left as the camera suggests, slide down the pipe and shimmy to the right. This leads to a ledge where you’ll find a sink; inside that sink rests a treasure.