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Uncharted: Golden Abyss collectibles guide

Chapter 23

Carving 1: Emblem of Naltanauhico

To the right of the chapter’s second piece of cover (seen above), you can drop down off the ledge. Follow the handholds down into a room where you’ll find a carving.

Charcoal Rubbing 1

To the left of the chapter’s second piece of cover, you’ll notice some handholds leading up (seen above). Climb them and follow the path you find to a place where you can do a rubbing.

Treasure 1: Planispherical Astrolabe

On your way to taking out the turret, you’ll come upon a rope leading up a wall. Once you reach it, turn around and look for a way to climb up to your left. This leads you to the top of an archway where a treasure can be found.

Carving 2: Emblem of Mahtlioztli

After climbing down a long rope, you’ll finally be behind the turret. Instead of using it, check the ground off to its right for a carving.

Carving 3: Emblem of Namotohuatil

After using the turret, continue on and climb a long rope up a wall. Once at the top, climb to the higher portion to your right to find a carving.

Carving 4: Emblem of Chihopotex

Swing on the first swingable rope to reach a small platform. Grab the carving from the wall right in front of where you land.

Charcoal Rubbing 2

After the short cutscene where Sully asks Drake to lower the bridge, run forward off the ledge (you can take out the enemies first) and stand on the head of a large snake statue. Leap from here to a ledge below you and to your left, the drop down and use the handholds to go even lower. At the very bottom you’ll find yourself in a long hallway. Run to the end to find something worth rubbing.

Charcoal Rubbing 3

Immediately after the cutscene with Sully and (another) turret, turn around and climb up the wall you see. Once at the top, continue up the stairs to find something to rub.

Treasure 2: Conquistador Spur

As you head back from Charcoal Rubbing, look for this gap to the right of the drop off. Leap across it and grab the treasure from at your feet.

Carving 5: Emblem of Cuozicaltli

You’ll eventually come upon a huge gap that you’ll need to leap across to meet up with Sully. When the camera changes so that you can line up the jump more easily, walk towards the screen to find a carving.

Photo 1: Natucohuatil’s Road

After leaping across the gap to reach Sully, head right instead of the suggested left. Drop off the ledge and climb down to find a photo op.

Carving 6: Emblem of Echictlamoya

Go back to Sully, run past him, jump across the gap, and climb the wall. At the top, turn left instead of going straight. You’ll find some bamboo; cut through it to find a carving.

Photo 2: Temple Outpost

Continue on and up the short set of stairs. Stay to your left and run into the corner. A photo prompt will appear. If you don’t stay to the left, a cutscene will trigger and the chapter will end.