Uncensored Naughty Bear trailer claims to be edgy

Unfortunately in this case, we're still left wondering what all the fuss is about. No boobs, no blood and gore, no swears, nothing. Sure, they're cute, cuddly teddy bears, but they don't call it Naughty Bear for nothing. Oh right, violence...

Here's the CENSORED version of the video:

So what's behind the filter? Check it out below in the UNCENSORED version:

We were urged to hide that behind an age-gate. Though we could see that being ultra-violent between two human beings, I mean, that's it? No bones breaking? Blood gushing? Eyeballs popping out? Not even polyester bits exploding out and gracefully landing on the ground like feathers? Well, good thing we protected this video from precious virgin eyes.

May 27, 2010