Ultimate Soccer Manager '98 Cheats

Ultimate Soccer Manager '98 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Peter Dewhirst

    Good Players


    At the start of the game click 2 players. Choose the team you want to be and then ( say you want Alan Shearer on your team ) click Newcastle. You can now loan Alan Shearer for as long as possible ( Which, at the very least is 100 weeks! ) .

  • PC | Submitted by jayjay

    Easy money

    At the start of a season choose 7 players + the team u want to be and then go to the managers room click on the mobile phone go to 'offer bung', select the team u want all the money to go to and type in all the money that the team has.....
    great tip it helps u buy expensive players as well

  • PC | Submitted by David Laurie

    Loatsa Money

    Hire a new coach and raise his wages to 999999999 then click on new contract and he should give you 13 millon a week