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What are you actually going to buy this Black Friday?

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It's all here folks. The Black Friday deals are finally here. After weeks of prep, it's all systems go for the official deals, and they're coming in thick and fast.Consoles, bundles, controllers, the year's hottest games - you name it and it's probably on sale. Amidst all the madness, we asked our team of deal hunters what they're looking for in 2019's sales madness. 

Anything to expand my smart home

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Gadgets that make my home closer to being some sort of AI is always my jam. We've got an Amazon Alexa in almost every room, so everyone now knows our secrets, and all our lights are smart home enabled. It's the way of the future, right? Anything so I don't have to use a light switch. So if the Black Friday gods want to deliver me more smart home tech I will probably lap it up in a heartbeat. Even if my desk setup already has Philips Hue Razer, and Nanoleaf smart lighting that mirrors my display, and every other light bulb can turn every shade of the rainbow. There can always be more, right? Right?! Sam Loveridge

A mega PC I can hook up to my 4K TV

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In my house "our" gaming PC is essentially a Destiny machine, a shrine to an addiction that means if I want to play mouse and keyboard style I've got to plan my moments or resort to putting sedatives in my guy's tea. My solution is to use the Black Friday deals as an excuse to buy a top of the range gaming PC to plug into our 65" LG OLED C8 Series television, itself a steal from last year's seasonal savings. Not because I have some weird, master race ideas about playing Star Wars Fallen Order or Borderlands 3 on a PC - I love my consoles like the accomplished children I'll never have - but because it might lure the unsuspecting addict away from the Destiny machine, where I can then happily play strategy games, Sims 4, and Planet Zoo my mouse and keyboard in without having to resort to pharmaceuticals. Rachel Weber

A soundbar that can shake the foundations of my house

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Back in my teens, my dad brought a surround system for our living room along with a DVD player. It was a 5.1 system with a blocky subwoofer, and I can still remember the first time he showed it off. He was watching Will Smith vehicle I, Robot in the living room, and the sheer force of that subwoofer when Will was popping off shots made it seem like the living room was going to take off. I loved it, even if I'm pretty sure our neighbours didn't.

While I don't quite have the same space to accommodate that in my living room, a soundbar has been on the wishlist for quite some time. I miss the way you can make a house almost shake off its hinges with a good quality surround system, which is why I'll be keeping my eyes out for a good quality soundbar. I won't be picking up a cheap copy of I, Robot though. Ben Tyrer

I’m going to join the VR revolution

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Half-Life: Alyx has awoken something in me. No, not a Combine fetish. I’m suddenly all in on virtual reality – and I’ll be searching high and low on the (virtual) shelves for the right deal come Black Friday.

But the problem is, there’s just so much choice. There are exclusives, PC requirements to consider and, most of all, the price to factor in. It doesn’t come cheap. I’m not sure what price point I’ll bite at but I’ll know it when I see it.

As for my games wishlist? Superhot, Beat Saber, and Tetris Effect all rank highly. Probably Skyrim too. I think it’s the law to own that on whatever new platform you purchase at this point.

Then, I’ll be all set for next March. I can rest safe in the knowledge that it won’t be picking up dust – at least for the first few months. Bradley Russell

A New Nintendo 2DS XL

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Continuing my tradition of staying utterly up-to-date with today's releases, I'm in the market for a handheld that came out *checks notes* over two years ago. I've been getting into the DS library lately, having just recently finished Bravely Default (again, I'm nothing if not current). The thing is, after years of faithful service, my New 3DS XL is on its way out. The D-Pad is really starting to stick, and I've already sent it in to be repaired once, plus I know it's out of warranty by now. At this point, I figure I may as well buy a whole new system, especially with the New 2DS XL being exactly what I always wanted from the DS line: a cheap clamshell handheld with no stupid 3D gimmicks. I've got a small stack of DS games to play and a long list of classics to buy, so I'm really hoping for a miracle New 2DS XL bundle this Black Friday. I'd like the black-and-blue one, but I'll take purple in a pinch. Austin Wood

Vinyl everything

(Image credit: Funko)

7 inch vinyls. 12 inch vinyls. Funko Pop vinyls. Maybe some vinyl flooring, just to prove I’m an equal-opportunities resin fiend. Specific targets include the new Taylor Swift record - currently retailing for a teardrops-on-my-guitar inducing 33 pounds - and (on the Funko front) Tony Stark wearing the Infinity Gauntlet. It’s a 2019 Fall Convention exclusive which will finally, conclusively complete my assortment of Avengers-themed plastic. Until the release of Black Widow, anyway. From a gaming perspective, I really should pick up the new Football Manager. I’ve played the last few for review purposes, each time stepping back into self-enforced retirement as soon as my work obligations are complete. It’s not that I don’t like it; it’s that I like it too much, and cannot pull myself away once that 2am, just-one-more-match-oh-FFS-Palace addiction kicks in. Then again, maybe that’s a better long-term prospect than 2am impulse purchases of overpriced pop - and/or overpriced Pops.  Ben Wilson

So. Many. Switch. Games

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Nintendo products are infamous for holding their value. In fact, seeing a genuinely low price on a Switch at any other time of the year is like seeing a unicorn. Doing the breaststroke (which is why the Nintendo Switch Black Friday offers are such a big deal, both literally and figuratively). The sale season changes that though, and it's the perfect opportunity to grab a bargain on anything Nintendo-related. For me, that's games. As someone who was shamefully late to the Switch party - I've only just gotten my console - I'm keen to catch up on all the Nintendo goodness I've missed out on. They almost always get reduced over the holiday season, so I'll be keeping a close eye on games such as Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Pokemon Sword and Shield. I can't wait to finally meet my new bestest boi Scorbunny, and I will protect him with my life. Benjamin Abbott

Gold or Deluxe editions of games

Red Dead Online gold bars

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I like getting my money's worth where I can, and Black Friday is a decent time to do that. Get X% extra furniture for 10 more quid in the sale? I'm in. A bundle of two bottles of whiskey instead of one for a snip of a price? Yes, please. And I'm/it's much the same when it comes to games and there's a few extra factors at play that make going for the 'bigger' editions at Black Friday a wise move. Firstly, games at release: I am never going to get to play games when they first come out, I just don't have the time. Add into this that no game is truly 'done' at launch (with extra bits and bobs coming after), and my own ever-present and hefty backlog, and I almost have no choice but to wait some time before going for any game. So, getting a Gold Edition with all the DLC, after that time has passed, and for a bargain price is a great move in my eyes. Top contenders this year look like Warhammer Vermintide II Deluxe Edition and The Division 2 Gold Edition. Maybe even Breakpoint Gold Edition if that price crashes (they'll improve it and it'll still be loads of co-op fun, don't @ me). I already know I'll enjoy all of these games, so this is a sound approach for my wallet. 

Oh, and I'll also be in the market for Impulse Purchases and Nice Things. Rob Dwiar

RPG books

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I'm ashamed of how long it takes me to read books of fiction, and how few of them I get through in a year. Or two. Or five. But if those books contain rules for playing a tabletop RPG, like Dungeons & Dragons? I'll tear through them like they're reading assignments and it's the last night of summer vacation. I have a roughly foot-high pile of RPG books under my bed, sorted by which I'm going to pick up next after I finish re-reading Blades in the Dark, with a spot reserved for my Kickstarter backer copy of Lancer that's arriving next year. I might even say my RPG book purchasing habits were a problem if I didn't genuinely read and enjoy all (OK, most) of them. There's no way I'll make it out of Black Friday without adding at least a couple more systems and sourcebooks to the pile. Connor Sheridan

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