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Wait, what? Hitman 2 came out two weeks ago and is already 50% off at Walmart – pick it up now for $29.99

Welp. Walmart isn’t messing around. To kick off all the Cyber Monday game deals, the retailer is offering what is certain to be one of the very best Cyber Monday PS4 deals and Cyber Monday Xbox One deals by giving us Hitman 2 at $29.99, a saving of 50%. No, that’s not a typo. This is the Hitman 2. Y’know, the one that came out all of 13 days ago. And to think Black Friday couldn’t be topped…

It’s not often that savings like this come along. Plus, with Walmart’s deals selling like proverbial hot cakes over the last few hours, there’s every chance that the second full rebooted outing from IO Interactive could go the way of so many of Agent 47’s targets: gone in an instant (or stuffed in a locker, never to be seen again).

If you haven’t been keeping up, this isn’t an episodic release, either. This is the full-fat version, complete with six sprawling locations and a unique multiplayer mode to die for. Ever wanted to see the chromed-dome assassin murder someone while dressed in a garish flamingo costume? Or to watch the life drain out of your friend’s face knowing you’ve one-upped them by offing a target seconds before they could pull the trigger? Now’s your chance. All that for half of the price of what Hitman 2 was merely hours ago. Hurry! It’ll be sold out before you know it.

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