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Video Games Live airing on PBS - find out when it's on in your area

If you live in the US, you should be watching PBS pretty much all the time for great shows like NOVA and the stupidly time-wasting Antiques Roadshow. But chances are that you, like us,spend more time on Cartoon Network. Well pay attention, bubs! If you've never seenVideo Games Live, you will want to, andsoon you can (in some areas).

Tommy Tallarico's video game music bash features full orchestras and choirs, electronic percussionists, video accompaniment, and more... but most importantly: lots of lasers. The more the better, we say. The show celebrates game culture with more pizzazz than a rich girl's16th birthday party,and starting August 1st, it'll be aired on PBS stations around the country.Seea partialschedule here. For a exact times and locations, find your local listings onthe PBS website.

Ifyour local PBS station isn't broadcasting the show, well, tits.VGL asks that you contact them to urge that they get on board.

Jul 30, 2010