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Video game moves that are SECRETLY sexy foreplay

Corvos Sexiest Hits

Deep down your partner wants to feel like, in a crowded room, they're the only one you see. Next time you're out at a party, show them they're the target of your love by using this trick: find them in a secluded spot and pull them into an intimate embrace before stabbing them in the stomach and vanishing into the night. That air of mystery will drive your sweetie crazy.

The Orchid Flash

Sometimes looks really can kill! When your partner is going about their day, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, or battling to the death, unzip and give them a peek at your petals. Don't forget to throw in a few super-sexy moans, and a keep them guessing with a casual butt-tap. The combination of arousal and complete confusion will send them to pieces!

Juliet's Pole Dance Special

Who says ridding the world of an undead scourge can't be sexy? In the midst of your next zombie encounter, find the nearest pole and go for a spin! Not only is it great exercise that can give you an edge against a horde of soulless cretins, but it'll remind your partner how alive they are by getting their pulse pounding. They'll be hungry for you in the best kind of way.

The Rogue Smooch

A kiss like this will knock your partner off their feet - literally! Make it look like you're coming in for a devastating strike, then grab them, give them a twirl and pull them into a steamy liplock. A move that passionate will leave them dizzy with arousal (and from your snog draining their life force, which increases sensitivity), letting you sweep them off their feet.

Leading to a little death

Those are some of the sexiest foreplay moves that sexy video game sexpots have to offer. Sorry, I think the Cosmo lists are starting to get to me. Which of these put a smile on your face? Which sent you running for the hills? Can I run into a dark corner and weep quietly at the horrors I have witnessed in creating this? Sound off in the comments below, just please - dont tell us which ones you plan to try out. Please.

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