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Uncharted 4 collectibles guide

16. The Brothers Drake

3 Treasures, 3 Optional Conversations

Toy Soldier

At the start of the chapter head to the right hand side of the area and follow it around until you find this treasure on a bench.

Optional Conversation

After entering the bedroom, read the letter on the drawers then turn around and talk to Sam.

Toy Seaplane

Once you've pushed the door open and discovered the sarcophagus, go up the staircase to your right and this treasure will be on a box at the top.

Optional Conversations

When you reach the area by the front door, head past the gong to the conservatory area and examine the book on the table. Speak to Sam, but stay close as a second conversation appears immediately afterwards - make sure you get them both.

Pirate Snowglobe

After moving the shelves and climbing to the ledge above, jump across to the balcony opposite then look on the sofa.

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