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Twitter Chuck And Appear On The Show

Forget iPoints. Now you can earn Chuck Points on line. NBC is launching a Chuck game that rewards points to fans who talk about the show using social networking sites, and the fan who does the best job promoting the show will have their photo used during one of Chuck's "flashes" in the show itself.

The game is called Mission: Chuck Me Out and tracks users who mention "Chuck" on sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. So, for example, every tweet that mentions Chuck can earn the user a point. As you gain points you get promoted:

Trainee: 0-1250
Nerd Herder: 1251-2500
Spy: 2501-5000
Intersect: 5001+

There are also special daily missions to help you earn more points. The fan who racks up the most points between now and March 10 will be the winner.

"The fans of 'Chuck' have been incredibly passionate and supportive of the show," said Adam Stotsky, president of entertainment marketing at NBC. "We want to reward this loyalty and activate further social conversation about the incredible new season. This innovative promotion is an excellent way to accomplish both objectives."

It's also very cheap marketing, he didn't add. But hey, it's fun! And you could become part of Chuck mythology.