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Tweets Of The Week

No Ordinary Cancellation, Steven Moffat’s plan for next years Comic Relief special and who’s the special effects legend designing an alien for Torchwood ?

By its nature Twitter is a public forum. There’s always direct messages, but when the only thing between your private thoughts and a broadcast to an army of followers is a tiny capital “D” it’s a wonder everyone hasn’t spilled their secrets at some point.

When Buffy ’s Charisma Carpenter did just that this past weekend it sent speculation spirals internet news vultures into overdrive. It’s easy to see why:

@ CLCarpenter1970 What? Why? No NOF? Cancelled?


Alas, this wasn’t confirmation of No Ordinary Family ’s all-but-inevitable banishment to the cancellation junkyard in the sky, but a mis-directed direct message, as Carpenter later clarified herself:

@ CLCarpenter1970 I was responding to a DM. Still Twitter challenged. U weren't supposed to c. Ugh. Plus, I was asking! Don't know answer to that.

It’s the kind of stuff trending topics are made of, if only people actually cared about No Ordinary Family . It does still have at least some concerned fans though as all the speculation prompted star Michael Chiklis to clear things up:

@ MichaelChiklis #NOF fans listen up! We will NOT know about season 2 until May. It's in ABC's hands. It does not look good because the live #'s are too low.

Who needs moles when you've got Twitter?


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ pattonoswalt “@ nerdist : Moderating panel w/ @ elizadushku & Tamoh Penikett 2 day. Got any questions?” Why was our 3-way butter orgy scene deleted?

@ jwrinzler Random House has announced, so now I can: The Making of Return of the Jedi is a go. Starting research next week... Pub date: fall 2013.

@ stevendeknight Ill conceived money grab. RT @ highwayagain @ stevendeknight And what do you think about this upcoming Buffy reboot?

@ steven_moffat Okay, okay - THREE Amys next time. x

@ ManMadeMoon Wearing my fav Japanese wolverine T-Shirt today just to mess with people. ;) ...and the answer is no... A wicked man weaves his wicked web...

@ dhewlett May have to hang up my geek mantle! Had to ask for a refund on Battle LA after a mere10 mins because of motion ashamed!

@ RealReeceShears Those asking -"Psychoville" is coming back for a 2nd series; I just think they're waiting 4 everyone to absolutely forget it exists first.

@ BBC_Torchwood The amazing Greg Nicotero is building an alien. We're dying to see what he creates. x

@ danieldaekim #H50 shooting at police beach 2day. 4 u #LOST fans it was the site of the survivors' camp for 4 seasons. I think I'm living a flash forward.

@ rainnwilson The wife and I are both reading "Game of Thrones" by George R R Martin at the same time. #geeks x

@ JamesGunn Can't believe that a couple people telling me the Avengers script is great is worldwide news. Ah, fandom!... In other news, I took a shit the other day shaped just like Thor.

@ elizadushku The Dollhouse is real...

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