Trials Fusion Challenges guide

Riders of the Rustlands DLC 

Hornet’s Nest 

Special Delivery: Collect and carry the bomb to the camp to destroy it!

When you reach this circular platform with a falling bomb sign above it, slow down and drop off the end of the platform ahead.

When you land on the platform below, reverse onto the bomb to collect it and get launched forwards.

You now need to complete the rest of the course without faulting--if you do, the bomb will explode and you'll need to restart.

Reach the end of the track to create an explosive finish.

Brain Wreck: Finish the track in under 10 faults with the gas and lean controls switched around

When you reach this ramp with three red lights on either side and a falling building in the background, slow down and drop off the end of the platform ahead.

After landing, reverse through the doorway to hit the gyroscope and switch your controls.

You'll be returned to the start of the course, but now your brake/gas is controlled by the left stick and the shoulder buttons lean forward and back.

This is all a bit confusing, but as long as you keep accelerating at a reasonable pace you should be able to reach the finish in under 10 faults.

Incoming!: Trigger the enemy attack, then survive a zero fault run

At the start of the track, reverse over the big red button to trigger the attack.

Now glowing targets will appear in front of you as you ride--make sure you slow down to avoid the explosions they generate.

You need to complete a faultless run for this challenge, so you may need a few attempts to learn where the bombs fall and how to avoid them.

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Junkyard Funk 

Gas Problem: Cause your throttle to get stuck, then zero-fault the track

At the start of the track, reverse up the pipe to hit the spiky red button.

This will launch you at speed down the track, and your brakes have no effect now.

Although you can't brake, dropping in flips can slow you down, though as you need to perform a zero fault run a good knowledge of the track will help you out.

The Magnetic 10: Find the secret magnet mini-game lair, and complete all 10 trials

After clearing the jump with the magnet above it, reverse onto the small button at the end of the platform.

Now drop to the ground below and roll down the ramp, where an entrance will open up.

This will transport you to a series of challenge rooms, where the blue pads repel your bike while the red ones attract you.

Clear all 10 areas to complete this challenge.

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Rags to Riches 

Driving Insane: Trigger the inverted controls, then complete the track

Reverse into the gyroscope at the start of the level to invert the controls.

The gas and brake triggers will now be switched round, and pushing the left stick causes you to lean in the opposite direction.

This is tough to get your head around, but as long as you get past the first checkpoint you can take as many restarts as you need to blast through the track.

Infiltration: Infiltrate the Outsiders’ base and blow it up

When you reach the round platform that launches you upwards, land on it then stop and reverse slightly as you go up to jump off backwards.

If done correctly, you'll land on the roof of the building on the left, where the floor will open by the checkpoint.

This will drop you into a series of rooms, where you need to hit each red switch with your bike to turn it green then stop on the centre spot to be lowered to the next room.

There are three rooms in total to clear, and if you hit any of the lasers or crash then you'll have to return to the roof and try again.

Slumdog Billionaire: Locate the hidden game-show and claim the top prize

When you reach the ramp made from a giant Biotech billboard, ride slowly off the end to land on the platform below.

Now reverse into the the open pipe found down there.

You'll now find yourself competing in a game show, where you have to identify which of the four FMX moves is correctly named. As only one of them will be correct, match it up with the following list:

  • Bow
  • Coffin
  • Dead Body
  • Driller
  • Going to Heaven
  • Going to Hell
  • Going Up
  • Kiss of Death
  • Pole Vault
  • Proud Hero
  • Ruler
  • Slash
  • Superman
  • Underdog

Get all ten right to complete the challenge, as well as unlocking the Ticket Out of Here Trophy/Achievement.

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Gone to Waste 

Acid Test: The acid contains tetrodotoxin, tryptamine and dopamine. Try it, and then complete the track

At the start of the track, reverse into the shower of acid and wait for a couple of seconds.

When the drugs kick in, the screen will constantly rotate as the colours cycle.

As long as you pass the first checkpoint you can take as many attempts as you like, though it's recommended you take regular breaks so you don't get too nauseous!

Wormfood: Awaken the creature of the pit, then survive being swallowed!

When you reach the section where you backflip onto a platform with a waste cannister hanging off the end, drop back down to the ramp so you can repeat the backflip. You need to do this three times in a row to dislodge the cannister and make it fall into the pit below.

Now drop yourself into the pit, where you'll be swallowed by the creature.

This transports you to a new course inside the belly of the beast.

Reach the end of this tough course to complete the challenge, as well as unlocking the Swallowed Whole Trophy/Achievement.

Elevation: Make your way to the top of the silo with the elevator

When you reach the silo with the elevator, ride up the ramp then bailout backwards.

You need to aim this bailout to launch yourself backwards as far as possible, to land on the large fan on the opposite side.

Now float upwards from fan to fan as you make your way to the top of the silo.

Drop onto the platform at the top to finish the challenge.

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You’re Rubbish!: Locate the secret clone dump

Land on the sloped pipe near the start, then drive slowly off the top end.

As you fall forwards, bailout to launch yourself into the open pipe opposite.

This will drop you into a frankly dark scene, where many of your cloned brethren have been disposed of.

Penguin Pride: Conquer the highest peak and raise the penguin flag

Reverse at the start of the track to collect the penguin flag.

This extra load will affect the balance and handling of your bike, but thankfully you can take as many restarts as you need.

Cross the finish line with the flag in tow to complete the challenge.

A Storm is Coming: Wait for night time and then complete the track during the blizzard

Bailout from the first jump and launch yourself forwards to grab the rope ladder swinging ahead.

Hang on to it and you'll be whisked off to a night time version of the track.

Here the obstacles are much tougher, plus the blizzard significantly reduces visibility. Good luck!

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Devil’s Beak 

Moonless Night: Find the cannon and destroy the moon!

The main difficulty with this challenge is actually reaching the end of the track, but when you do make sure you bailout over the finish line to land on the opposite platform.

Here you'll take control of the mounted gun, which you should aim at the moon and keep firing.

After landing enough hits, the moon will explode. Make sure you complete the other challenge at the same time...

The Uncaging: Free the penguins by shooting down the cages

As with the previous challenge, make you way to the end of the track and bailout over the finish line to the opposite platform.

You need to shoot down three separate glowing cages to free the squirrels, including one which is being carried by this plane.

A second cage is in the rocks to the left, with a third carried by a ground vehicle on the right. Blast all three to complete this challenge.

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