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Trailer for Hunted, Bethesda's fantasy shooter, is low on Elf boobs, high on dodgy cockney accents

Remember Hunted: The Demon's Forge, the fantasy co-op actioner coming from Fallout house Bethesda? Don't worry, word on it has been sosparse for so long that I'd as good as forgotten about it myself until I saw this new trailer. And I wrote our first preview on it.

Looking back on said previewthough, it seems I rather liked what I saw of Hunted. It's another co-op cover-shooter, yeah, but it blows the concept wide open with its totally asymmetrical characters (long-range Elven archer, close-range, melee-focused barbarian), fantasy setting and heavy use of tactical magic. It looks a lot of fun, and this new trailer shows off a pleasing amount of what looks to be a rather sumptuously-detailed world for you to kill your way merrily through.

But don't worry, I've included the E3 trailer too. That onecomes with a bit more Elf-jiggle.

Aaaaaaaaaand cue the E3 trailer, with lots more killing:

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