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The Birds Still Coming Home To Roost

Although Martin (Casino Royale) Campbell is no longer attached to Universal’s long-gestating remake of Hitchcock’s The Birds, the film may still be on the verge of a green light, reckons" .

Last year the remake was set to be directed by Campbell with Noami Watts as the woman who’s attacked by avians with attitude. Michael Bay was in the producer’s seat. But then Campbell got the gig on Green Lantern and everything went a bit quiet on The Birds’ front.

But, reckons, “a Universal property like The Birds isn’t going to simply disappear because it lost a big-name director. It just gets kicked down a stair to the next available lower tier director. In this case, that director looks be Dennis Iliades, who brought us the stunningly mediocre remake of The Last House on the Left. It’s not completely official yet, but Illiades is in the driver’s seat of the $60 million produced movie — he’s driving the new direction of the movie, which, under Campbell’s direction, was geared toward a PG-13 release. Illiades is more interested in amping up the horror and making it an R-rated affair.”

Which rather ignores the fact the original was a thriller more than a monster movie.