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The Week In Sci-Fi

Brace yourselves for another seven days of supersonic sci-fi...


There’s only one way to celebrate Independence Day properly: with dinosaurs. Primeval Series 5 and Dinocroc Vs Supergator are both out on DVD today.

If that’s a bit too high brow for you, why not head down to the British Library for The Universes Of Alan Moore , where the mighty Mooro will be talking time and space with comedian Stewart Lee.

Monday nights are kind of a lonely place at the moment. Defeat the boredom with Michael Keaton in Beetle Juice , on 5* at 9pm.


Mind your head! Falling Skies starts on FX tonight at 9pm.

The third season of Sanctuary continues over on Watch at 9pm.

Smallville is the third of tonight's crop of 9pm shows, this time on E4. Decisions, decisions...


Skinhead Scottish magicians with a talent for comics genius are a rarity, but you can meet the finest of the lot tonight as Grant Morrison turns up at Forbidden Planet’s London Megastore to sign copies of his new book Supergods .

Fill your Wednesday evening with a big piece of lovely hot Supernatural , Sky Living at 10pm.


Best selling writer-type Robin McKinley will be at Forbidden Planet’s London Megastore today to sign copies of her latest novel Pegasus .

Grrrr.... Teen Wolf makes its debut on Sky Living tonight at 8pm.

Shatner takes the directorial reins in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier , tonight on Film4 at 6:55pm.


Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page jump on the real-world superhero bandwagon as Super hits cinemas.

Absolutely gorgeous rereleases of six classic Target Books, with news introductions by some impressive names: Doctor Who And The Daleks by David Whitaker (intrro by Neil Gaiman); Doctor Who And The Crusaders (intro by Charlie Higson); Doctor Who And The Cybermen (intro by Gareth Roberts); Doctor Who And The Abominable Snowmen (intro by Stephen Baxter); Doctor Who And The Auton Invasion (introduction by Russell T Davies); and Doctor Who And The Cave Monsters (intro by Terrance Dicks). Those Chris Achilleos covers have never looked more gorgeous (even if the first Doctor looks more like Patrick Cargill than William Hartnell).

Plus, BBC Audio releases Doctor Who: Eye Of The Jungle , by Darren Jones.


Forbidden Planet is celebrating the impending finale of the Harry Potter series in style, with a Harry Potter Day that’s taking place at stores across the country. You can win Harry Potter prizes, get your picture taken in some Hogwarts robes and there’s even free face painting. How can you resist?

Marvel movie magic – well, OK, maybe not magic, but what the hey – in Fantastic Four , Film4 at 1pm.

Bruce Willis saves the world! Hurrah! Armageddon is on Sky One at 9pm.

Arthur accompanies Guinevere to see her dying dad in Camelot tonight, Channel 4 at 9pm.


It’s on at about the frequency of once a month, but there are fewer better pieces of Sunday entertainment than Back To The Future , ITV2 at 6:45.