The Top 7... Secret shame games

Nobody's perfect. Even the best of the best can run off the rails, and that includes many of the most reputable companies and individuals that have been involved in the games industry. They'd rather focus on their successes, of course, and most of the time they'll try to lock their mishaps away in the closet, hoping they will never be dragged out into the public eye again.

But we at GamesRadar think this stuff needs to be out in the open. We're going to highlight 7 games from top-notch developers that are... lacking, to say the least. It's time for these developers - and their fans - to acknowledge that everyone has made a few big mistakes in their lives.

7. Justice League: Task Force

What the hell is this? Justice League: Task Force is a 2D one-on-one fighter that was released in 1995, three years after everyone was already sick of half-assed Street Fighter knockoffs.

Whose fault is it? Blizzard. They makemultiplayer games about orcs and stuff.

What happened? Blizzard has a long history of making solid games. Even before it became lord of the RTS (StarCraft) and MMO (World of Warcraft) on PC, the company made some highly-regarded titles for the SNES and Genesis, including Blackthorne, Rock n' Roll Racing, and The Lost Vikings. With that sort of pedigree, it's no wonder it wants to sweep this DC comics-based turd under the rug; the other three were re-released on the Game Boy Advance.

JL: Task Force treats comic fans to ugly characters, stiff animation, unresponsive controls and some of the most boring combat you'll ever experience. Topping it all off is the atrocious gameplay balance. While we wouldn't expect a game like this to stay 100% accurate to the comic books in terms of superhero strength, it's a complete cinch to beat down Supes using Aquaman. Come on. An embarrassment to both Blizzard and the superheroes it's based upon, Justice League: Task Force should ideally be left to rot in a collector's closet amongst polybagged Youngblood#1s.

Aftermath: Originally, this game was to be published by Sunsoft, but was picked up by Acclaim after Sunsoft went under bankruptcy reorganization. We'd almost say they should have known better than to put this out, but this is notorious shit-peddler Acclaim we're talking about. Thankfully, the game was rightfully ignored, and due to its relative obscurity, Blizzard is almost never subject to mockery for it. Up until now, at least.