The Top 7... Births in video games

I know what you're thinking – this isn't a birth, so why is it number one? Well, aside from the fact it's preceded by the birth of loads of zombies (depending how badly you're playing), actually it is. It's an inverse birth, where Clement (the main bad guy in the game) goes through the birth process in reverse. Yes, by walking right back into the giant womb of his mother, who at this point is but a brain inside the grotesquely swollen body of former mega-babe Varla Guns. Confused? Don't be. All you need to know is that this is beyond gross.

Above: Agent G can't believe what he's seeing, as Clement atones for his sins by 'returning to the womb'

This has to be number one becausethe game takesthe already seldom-covered subject in gaming (birth), welds it firmly to a taboo subject (incest), before sticky-taping it to a subject that nobody in games has ever tackled before - returning to the womb. The game had always threatened to beone of the most irreverent games of all time, but this ending perhaps pushes it past Postal 2 for pure shock factor. They didn't just 'go there', there added squelches to it. Ewwww!

We'll embed the video below, but bear in mind that it contains so many F-bombs (37, by the time the credits roll), it's not safe for anywhere, let alone work. The game is rated 18, too, so the usual rules apply to minors. For everyone else, though, it's sick, but hilarious.

2 Aug, 2010

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