The Top 7... Births in video games

So game developers don't like to show gratuitous nudity, or a birth that would obviously include gratuitous nudity. But if God of War can get away with showing bare breast and nipples, why not have babies coming out of nipples? It makes perfect sense.

Mind you, we don't remember demon babies with metal claws for hands coming out of giant nipples in the original text, but… what they hey, y'know? Why not use some artistic license?

2. Family Guy

The game itself may have been rather forgettable, but the scene where little Stewie Griffin finds his way into a maternity ward is one of the most eye-widening scenes in gaming ever. You end up looking at the screen thinking 'did he just do that?' Yes, Stewieacts as midwife by literally jumping on the bellies of pregnant ladies, who are conveniently lying in the birthing position.

Pop! Pop! Out they come, like corks from fleshy bottles. Some black, some white, some with Quagmire's face… Hey, some of these things aren't babies at all! Family Guy's always had a sick sense of humour, but this takes the biscuit.

Ah, but it's not the final biscuit. Yep, there's an even more memorable birthing scene, and would you believe it? It's from a Wii game...