The Top 7... Births in video games

The birth of Ezio is probably the most realistic of any game. There's pain, there's blood... you even get to control the infant's first ever leg, arm and head movement. And, it's got to be said, the sense of tension as the baby lies there silently is palpable. Surely it can't have been stillborn... can it?

The scene ends with Ezio's father holding the baby aloft and naming it - an extremely powerful image. One that our gaming minds spoiled by spontaneously playing the fanfarefrom Zelda as he held it proudly aloft. Do do do doooo!

Above: One of those things that, once you've seen it, you can never unsee it. Sorry about that...

4: Fable II

While you don't actually get to see the birth in Fable II, you do get to go through the process in one of the most realistic ways in any game. First you choose whether to use protection or not (which obviously you shouldn't if you want a baby). Then, your partner states in the most brilliantly matter-of-fact voice "Well, you've done it - I'm pregnant". No tears, no joy, no running for the hills, just statement of fact.

But then the baby is real - it's there, you can see it, you can pay for it... you can even fart in its general direction if you want. It's OK, he started it.

Above: How many real-life gamers heard the achievement chime in their head on the birth of their first child?

Aww, look at him. He don't look like no chicken chaser to me. But then... I ain't seen none.