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The ComiXology Cyber Monday sale is here – save up to 70% on DC and Marvel comics

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The holidays are approaching – and the ComiXology Cyber Monday sale is the perfect way to keep you warm with the glow of some digital panels and pages on a cold wintry night. Some of the best stories from Batman and Superman, as well as some of the best Marvel crossovers in recent years, have all been discounted –  up to 70%. There are even indie darlings, such as The Walking Dead and Saga, for those who want to look further afield outside of the Big Two.

Whether you need to fill our your virtual library with some classics or are a lapsed comics fan that wants to dive right back into why they fell in love with the medium for the first place, this ComiXology sale is most certainly for you. The full US sales lineup is here, while the UK sales range is here. All you need is an Amazon account to purchase any books. Easy. Plus, be sure to check out the Cyber Monday iPad deals if you want a top-quality device to read all your newly-bought digital comics on.

Just as one final note: these are digital comics, not physical. You'll most certainly be saving on shelf space.

First up, the US batch. We would quite literally be here all day if we ran the gauntlet of every single comic available on sale. There are thousands. Instead, we've cherrypicked some of the best that might interest you. Click through and see what else is waiting for you.

Batman: The Long Halloween | $16.99

Batman: The Long Halloween | $16.99 $5.99 at ComiXology
Widely considered one of the best Bat-stories of all time, it's believed that 2022's The Batman will draw inspiration from the Caped Crusader's hunt for a serial killer during a bloody 12 months on the streets of Gotham.

Batman's comics have dropped in price across the board so if you already own Long Halloween, why not check out some of the others on offer?

All-Star Superman | $19.99

All-Star Superman | $19.99 $5.99 at ComiXology
Full disclosure: this is my favourite comic, and it might just become yours too. Grant Morrison has often done their best work with the Man of Steel and, here, they marry the Silver Age sensibilities of Truth, Justice, and The American Way while digging into what really makes Supes such an endearing icon.

Several more Superman comics are all on sale from the character's last few decades.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One - The Complete Collection | $16.99

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One - The Complete Collection | $16.99 $5.99 at ComiXology
The video game remains popular and the Injustice comics chart Superman's descent into madness and supervillainy in these engrossing, unique tales set in DC's multiverse.

The Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1 | $39.99

The Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1 | $39.99 $19.99 at ComiXology
The comics have ended and the show isn't far behind. But here's where it all began: Robert Kirkman's legendary graphic novel starts right here. 48 issues for under $20!


Saga: Compendium One | $47.99 $23.99 at ComiXology
Even if I could, I don't think I'd want to sum up Saga in 20-words-or-less. Finding out what this galaxy-spanning, riotous Hero's Journey has in store is half the fun. The other half is telling your friends about it after you've finished. All 54 current issues are here, with 54 more to come... soon? We hope.

Now on to the UK batch! Most of the deals are similarly brilliant, though the other side of the pond has the edge when it comes to some of its Marvel crossover prices, which we'll highlight below.

Spider-Verse | £24.19

Spider-Verse | £24.19 £7.99 on ComiXology
Word of warning: this isn't quite like Into the Spider-Verse. The crossovers of Spider-Men, Women, and Pigs remain, but it's turned up to 11. Each alternate universe Spidey has to do battle against Morlun and his Spider-feasting family. Honestly, we hope this gets adapted for the sequel.

Secret Wars | £13.69

Secret Wars | £13.69 £4.79 on ComiXology
X-Men may be Jonathan Hickman's current sandbox but this is where the mercurial writer had his most fun. To save all of existence, Doctor Doom puts together a patchwork universe made up of every different iteration of the Marvel universe you can think of. Of course, Doom rules over all as its God. It only gets better from there.

War of the Realms | £8.89

War of the Realms | £8.89 £3.19 at ComiXology
Jason Aaron is the man when it comes to the God of Thunder. His epic run on Thor comics all leads to this: the War of the Realms and the final battle against Dark Elf Malkeith.

Assassin's Creed: Origins Vol. 1 | £9.69

Assassin's Creed: Origins Vol. 1 | £9.69 £4.79 at ComiXology
Assassin's Creed may have a long and storied history on consoles, but it's in the comics where the real potential for the franchise begins to shine. This is a spin-off of Origins, the Ancient Egypt-set Assassin's game from a couple of years back, and well worth a look if you're into the series' wider lore.

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