The Boys season 2 first look proves the show isn’t going to tone it down anytime soon

The Boys season 2
(Image credit: Amazon)

A first look at The Boys season 2 has been shared with the world by show creator Eric Kripke – and it doesn’t disappoint. Featuring the gang covered in blood and being especially sweary, it’s a fitting follow-up to a show that’s already featured eyes getting lasered out and death by ass-bomb.

Spoilers for The Boys season 1 follow.

As shared on Twitter by Kripke, The Boys season 2 is looking to pick up where the freshman year left off. Namely, by pouring buckets of blood over everyone. In the image from filming on set, which you can see below, Hughie, Mother’s Milk, and The Female are caked in the red stuff. Frenchie, somehow, looks spotless. And, yes, they’re all flipping us off. How rude.

Knowing what we know about The Boys ending in the first season, this could be part of season 2’s opening moments. 

After being made fugitives, The Boys (and The Female) are on the run after their plan to take down the Seven goes south. The blood, at this point, is normal for the likes of Hughie. He’s seen his girlfriend explode into a pile of organs and body parts in front of him, as well as choosing to detonate the bomb inside Translucent during one of the show’s most memorable scenes.

Interestingly, Billy Butcher is nowhere to be seen. He’s still got a Homelander-shaped problem to deal with, and a girlfriend to talk to after she disappeared for eight years. Then there’s the small matter of Homelander Jr. standing just feet away from him during the closing moments of the eight-episode run.

The Boys season 2 was announced before the first season premiered, though no release date has yet been given.

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