The 41 Sexiest Movie Posters

Where The Truth Lies (2005)

Why So Sexy?: Deliberately recalling poster images of classic femme fatales, the dark red sheets and tumbling blond hair light up a world of smoking, drinking and guy stuff. Perfect.

Potential Passion Killer: Spotting the fact that half the right side of Alison Lohman's back has been photoshopped away. Ow.

Basic Instinct 2 (2006)

Why So Sexy?: Stone still cuts it as icy killer Catherine Tramell, and the set-up - crossed legs, red heels, lazy cigarette - is classically noir erotic.

Potential Passion Killer: If you stare at the poster too long it looks like Thing from the Addams Family is trying to cop a feel.

Attack Of The 50 Ft. Woman (1958)

Why So Sexy?: Because, deep down, every guy has thought about switching things up and being with a woman stronger than him. This one's just much, much stronger.

Potential Passion Killer: Any attempt to conceive of the practicalities of lovemaking with the 50 Ft. woman.

Sin City (2005)

Why So Sexy?: Spot-on casting means Alba's image instantly nails the 'good-girl-turned-stripper-with-innocence-somehow-intact' heart of the character.

Potential Passion Killer: Once you realise the hair's a bit shampoo advert the eroticism vanishes like Keyser Soze.

The Lady From Shanghai (1947)

Why So Sexy?: The dangerous contrast of black and raging red along with that killer line and Hayworth's knowing eyes. Plus you can see that she's totally not wearing a bra .

Potential Passion Killer: If you squint it's all too easy to image her with her hair rollers still in.

For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Why So Sexy?: The perfect '80s Bond image - sharp dinner jacket and action pose, framed provocatively by the legs of an oiled, hard-bodied warrior lady.

Potential Passion Killer: The symbolism is subtle like a bear with a hammer. 'So he's going to shoot her in the... oh.'

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Why So Sexy?: Even out of context Mia Wallace is pure sex: the heels, the sleazy paperback, the noir-ish smoke and shooter and the fringe that could cut silk.

Potential Passion Killer: Looks like a single bed. Shall we book a hotel, love?

The Graduate (1967)

Why So Sexy?: The circular composition is like a peeping Tom's lens looking in on Benjamin's seduction, the long, luxurious leg of Mrs Robinson barring his escape. Cue a generation of older woman fantasies.

Potential Passion Killer: It's best not to look at Dustin Hoffman's face for any length of time while thinking erotic thoughts.

Secretary (2002)

Why So Sexy?: The fetish stocking-seam, the teasing tag ('Assume the position') and those long, long legs - it's sleaze, but with a brain.

Potential Passion Killer: The faceless anonymity might make the more sensitive slightly squeamish.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)

Why So Sexy?: Aside from Betty Rubble and Marge Simpson with her hair down, Jessica Rabbit is the only toon totty who it's generally considered OK to hold a torch for, and this is her at her most rousing.

Potential Passion Killer: Waking up with ink marks all over your hands.