The 41 Sexiest Movie Posters

Almost Famous (2000)

Why So Sexy?: Because it's Kate Hudson before any of us realised how annoying she is, and the image - pants and vest but girly tucked-up knees - perfectly conveys lusty innocence of the film's teenage kicks.

Potential Passion Killer: There is nobody alive who now doesn't know how annoying Kate Hudson is.

Showgirls (1995)

Why So Sexy?: The slithering strip of Elizabeth Berkley's sizzling flesh is a sleazy but smartly conceived way of showing everything and nothing all at once.

Potential Passion Killer: If you take the literal view of her as a one-legged wormlady.

Hitman (2008)

Why So Sexy?: Olga Kurylenko's smooth, shadowed back is all sinews and supple shapes, and her red-rag dress simply gives form to a super-revealing silhouette.

Potential Passion Killer: Timothy Olyphant's giant bald heeeed.

The Ashphalt Jungle (1950)

Why So Sexy?: The purple's almost lurid, but you could stick an inside-out penguin on Marilyn Monroe - here easing back loftily, surveying her city - and she'd still be a knockout.

Potential Passion Killer: If you imagine that her luxurious throw is actually a polar bear holding her in a half-nelson.

Beowulf (2007)

Why So Sexy?: Even in semi-animated monster form, asking what's sexy about a poster featuring Angelina Jolie is a lot like asking Debbie McGee what first attracted her to the millionaire Paul Daniels.

Potential Passion Killer: Her snakey hair's a nasty reminder of the fact that she'd probably like to kill and eat you.

Downhill Racer (1969)

Why So Sexy?: Charged with selling what's essentially the film version of Horace Goes Skiiing, Paramount comes up with charged, intimate photography and an arty bit of design.

Potential Passion Killer: Realising that the movie is essentially the film version of Horace Goes Skiiing.

Blonde Sinner (1956)

Why So Sexy?: Dors is so hot as the teetering, top-heavy man-eater that they put her on the poster not once but four times. Clockwise from top: bust, legs, GUN, snog. The whole set.

Potential Passion Killer: It looks a bit like a collage made at school.

Mr And Mrs Smith (2005)

Why So Sexy?: Easy one, this: it's the sexiest man and woman on the planet, and they've both got guns.

Potential Passion Killer: Your own sense of inadequacy.

Lolita (1962)

Why So Sexy?: Shocking, seductive, and so, so forbidden. Probably the less we say the better, but this was designed to provoke, and does.

Potential Passion Killer: The prison sentence waiting at the end of whatever bad thoughts the image puts in your mind.

To Have And Have Not (1944)

Why So Sexy?: The pinched waist, red dress and dark, heavy eyes - Bacall is the woman who you know for sure did whatever bad thing has been done, but is so hot you don't give a damn.

Potential Passion Killer: The giant floating disembodied head of Humphrey Bogart could be a distraction.