The 41 Sexiest Movie Posters

My Stepmother Is An Alien (1988)

Why So Sexy?: This is the Polish poster, but in many ways it cuts right down to the essentials: Dan Ackroyd's name in big letters and a shocking silhouette of Kim Basinger's nipple. That's how you sell a comedy.

Potential Passion Killer: Look closely and the silhouette is very detailed, in a creepy, 'Oh God you're going to put me in the fridge, aren't you?' way.

Resident Evil (2002)

Why So Sexy?: A rare lady-led action flick, with not one but two female ass-kickers ready to rough-and-tumble, including Milla Jovovich holding a gun which is definitely bigger than ours.

Potential Passion Killer: For zombie-killing hero types, they dress a bit Guildford nightclub.

Ciudad En Celo (2006)

Why So Sexy?: Stark style and killer colours make this angular image work, bathing flowing shapes - heels, legs, hips, breasts - in a sea of racey red.

Potential Passion Killer: Big leering column in the background? Really?

Malna (2000)

Why So Sexy?: The continually exploding bomb of sex that is Monica Bellucci doesn't have to do much more than wear a pretty flowery dress and touch her strappy shoes to melt the mind of most men.

Potential Passion Killer: That boy on the bike looks like he could be part of some worthy mood-killing sub-plot.

Promises! Promises! (1963)

Why So Sexy?: The first Hollywood film to feature a nude star following the demise of the production code isn't shy of showing it on the poster - Mansfield is a shapely mix of bubbles, curves and absolutely no clothes.

Potential Passion Killer: With the Playboy reference and the bold orange lettering it might just slide from tease to sleaze.

Jackie Brown (1997)

Why So Sexy?: Fonda's flighty, flirty pose and barely-there beachwear suggest a free spirit and few inhibitions. Who likes short shorts? We do!

Potential Passion Killer: Only the name Quentin Tarantino, which means there's gotta be a catch...

Sex And Lucia (2001)

Why So Sexy?: It's the outdoorsy natural appeal - the sea, the beach, the rolling sky, and the fact that Lucia is definitely, definitely not wearing a bra, or trying very hard to hide the fact.

Potential Passion Killer: She looks grade-A crazy.

Gia (1998)

Why So Sexy?: Not just because it's Angelina Jolie half-naked wearing stockings and the biggest set of lips in the developed world, but because - arty - she's also upside-down.

Potential Passion Killer: The fact she looks a teeny bit like a corpse at a murder scene.

Homeland Security (2008)

Why So Sexy?: Christ, that is some heavy symbolism. But it's backed up with a whole cartload of flesh and some tantalisingly popped blouse catches, which just about pull it together.

Potential Passion Killer: The cheap gags - the upturned gun 'R', the suggestive tag - and the fact that, well, isn't it a little small for an explosive round?

La Dolce Vita (1960)

Why So Sexy?: Just like the film, the poster speaks to a world of moonlit cities and European free-spiritedness, with Anita Ekberg the shapely swirling figure at the centre of it all.

Potential Passion Killer: Marcello's giant cigarette - only in the '60s.