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STERN producing Avatar pinball game

Like you, we dream of one day hooking up our frail, broken bodies to a machine. This wonder-gadget will transplant our minds into the physical shell of a previously inanimate object; one that moves in ways we only thought possible in the deepest reaches of our imagination as it careens through ramps and valleys and barely escapes certain doom when it ricochets and rolls past pits and chasms.

Wait, you know we’re talking about pinball, right? If you didn’t, prepare to be amazed, or possibly just bemused, when STERN’s Avatar-themed pinball table ships in September.

Above: Nope, we’re not making this up

That’s right, internet. Pinball may be a dying art in this current era of online deathmatch and portable 3D handhelds, but that won’t stop stalwart manufacturer STERN from producing some of the only high-end tables left on the planet. Since maybe eight or ten arcades still exist these days, we’re pretty sure that they’re all kinds of hyped over this.

Though the look of the actual playing surface isn’t yet available, the table will be outfitted with a 3D backglass, voices and sounds from the movie, and an original digitized voice over from Stephen Lang who played Col. Quaritch in the mega-grossing film. No official art was released on STERN’s site, but a member of the company’s Facebook page (where the announcement originally popped up) linked to the above mock-up.

It sure is nice to see that these things actually still exist, but the odds of it making back its licensing fees alone are beyond us. You’re probably going to have to go on an urban safari to find one, but let us know if you see one in captivity.

ViaSTERN PinballandArcade Heroes

Jul 21, 2010