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Spore Cheats

SimCity creator Will Wright is creating his most ambitious simulation ever: one for the entire universe.

Spore FAQs

Spore Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Darnell

    Start Tribal Statge With Animals

    Before advancing to the Tribal stage, get members of the other tribe in your pack. They will be turned into domesticated animals.

Spore Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Zygote, sian

    Cheats for Spore!

    Press Ctrl+Shift+C to open the console screen. Type code into the console, then hit enter. Press escape or click on the X to close the console.

    moreMoney - $1000000 in space or civilization
    refillMotives - Replenish your health along with other motives.
    unlockSuperWeapons - Super Weapons are unlocked with this cheat code.
    addDNA - Get 150 DNA points.
    freeCam - Toggle a Free Cam around.
    capturePlanetGIF - Captures and saves a spinning image of your planet which is then saved in your “AnimatedAvatars” directory.
    antiAliasGIF - Captures and saves spinning GIF of the planet you are on and deumps to AnimatedAvatars directory
    SetTime - Setting the time for your Avatar’s position, and can also be a speed multiplier.
    Killallhints - Gets rid of all hints.
    freedom[on / off] - Toggles, disables (on) or re-enables (off) editor complexity limits. Creations that break the limits will not be pollinated!
    help - List of commands (cheats).
    help -full - More detailed description of commands.
    option - Option list.
    prop - Display/Modify properties.
    clear - Clear console.
    levels - Level Cheats.
    levels -unlock - Unlock all phases. Jump to any phase with this cheat. Some achievements may not be gained if you choose to use this code.
    history - Gives you a list of your last commands.
    spaceCreate - Unlocks and recharges creation tools while playing in space.
    pauseUIVisible - Sets or toggles whether the pause frame is drawn.
    toggleCaptureUI - Toggles UI for image capture.
    movie - Video cheat.
    styleFilter - Unique Spore look.
    styleFilter -filmNoir
    quit - Quit game.
    setConsequenceTrait(add a trait name) - Add any of the following names after setConsequenceTrait without the brackets.
    cell carnivore

  • PC | Submitted by darktapper

    More Style Filters

    Open the cheat window and type: stylefilter -microscope or stylefilter -norainbows or stylefilter -nextgen to see the new styles.

  • PC | Submitted by darktapper

    More Cheats

    evoadvantage - Enter this cheat when are starting a new Creature game to choose any creature from the Sporepedia. Start a new game with one of your more evolved creatures!

    blocksmode - Turns creatures into their blocky representations.

  • PC | Submitted by Nolan

    Style Filters

    CTRL+SHIFT+C to open the cheat input box

    "stlyeFilter -oilPaint" to make the game look like it is an oil painting

    "stlyeFilter -filmNoir" to make the game black and white

    "stlyeFilter -none" to remove the other filters used

  • PC | Submitted by Invisable Napalm

    Add DNA

    Ctrl + Shift + C

    Type addDNA and press enter and your DNA points will go up.

    -- this is for the Spore CC (may work in SPORE) --
    It's pretty useless at the moment as you have a huge amount to start with on the Creature Creator

  • PC | Submitted by Will Wrong

    Cheat Codes

    help - display codes

Spore Easter Eggs

  • PC | Submitted by NintenDOME

    Spore Creators

    At the main menu, start spinning the camera really fast to the left then after a few seconds, while it's going at full speed, quickly spin the camera right. A flash will happen, and after a few seconds of spinning the camera right, stop spinning the camera. Pictures of people will start spinning around in the screen.

  • PC | Submitted by lucashintz

    Spinning Will Wright's Head

    In spore creature creator you can click on the galaxy to view it. Then zoom out and start spinning the galaxy. After a few seconds Will Wrights head will come spinning out.