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South Park: The Stick of Truth side quests guide

The Timmy Express 

Started by approaching the Fast Travel flag in Kupa Keep. Find all 12 Fast Travel flags around South Park.

Bus Stop
To the left of your house, once you can break down the barrier outside.

Outside the Church.

Dark Meadows Estates
Outside Token’s house.

Downtown - East
To the right of Photo Dojo, or left of the Kids' Park.

Downtown - West
Outside the Post Office.

Kenny’s House
Outside Kenny’s house.

Kingdom of Kupa Keep
Available after fighting off the elf attack in Kupa Keep.

Kingdom of the Drow Elves
[Day 2] In the Elven Kingdom, access from the ‘Nonconformist’ quest onward.

Outside Kevin Stoley’s house.

Outside South Park Elementary on the right.

Tower of Peace
Outside the Tower of Peace on Restaurant Row.

Outside U-Stor-It.

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