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The first trailer for Pixar's Soul wants you to live your best life

The first trailer for Pixar's Soul has landed... and it's headed to the Great Beyond. Dealing with death and living your dreams, the 2020 release is shaping up to be one of the more unique animated offerings to come out of Disney's animation wing in a good few years.

Soul stars Jamie Foxx as Joe Gardner, a middle-school music teacher who has aspirations to become a jazz musician. As the trailer shows, Joe gets a gig and, while celebrating, he falls down a manhole and, uhh, seemingly dies.

The end? Not quite. He ends up as caught in the You Seminar, alongside Tina Fey's 22, who it's safe to say isn't the biggest fan of humans. It's there where he must develop his soul before it transfers into a newborn child.

Director Pete Docter, who previously helmed Monsters Inc., Up, and Inside Out, outlined the inspiration for the story,  “It started with my son – he’s 23 now – but the instant he was born, he already had a personality. Where did that come from? I thought your personality developed through your interaction with the world. And yet, it was pretty clear that we’re all born with a very unique, specific sense of who we are.”

Alongside the toe-tapping jazz music found in the Soul trailer – composed by Jon Batiste – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (Watchmen) will be contributing to the soundtrack.

Soul is out in theaters on June 19, 2020.

Watch the trailer in full above and be sure to check out all the new Disney movies on the way, including Pixar's other 2020 outing, Onward.

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