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PS4 official Gold and Platinum wireless headsets on offer right now for Days of Play

PS4 official Gold and Platinum wireless headsets on offer right now for Days of Play
PS4 official Gold and Platinum wireless headsets on offer right now for Days of Play

Sony may indeed be absent from E3 this year, but that doesn't stop them dropping gifts. As part of the current Days of Play event that runs until early next week, there's some excellent price reductions to be taken advantage of. Stand outs are for the Platinum and Gold headsets: the tremendous Gold wireless PS4 headset is $74.99 at Walmart for US readers, which is absolutely brilliant value for a quality, wireless headset. The UK price has also been cut for the Gold headset to just £49.99 over at Amazon UK which is outrageous value.

The even-more-premium Platinum wireless headset has also had its price slashed and is down to $120 over at Walmart. This represents a healthy discount of the premium headset. Meanwhile, in the UK, it is also reduced, and now sits under 100 pounds (by a penny), going for £99.99 at Amazon. The platinum features high up on our list of best PS4 headsets, and with good reason. I can personally vouch for the Platinum headset and would recommend it for all the above and general excellence in a heartbeat. 

Sony PlayStation 4 Gold Wireless Headset down to $74.99 at Walmart
A very attractive price for a quality, official wireless headset for your PS4. Reliable and excellent. It's only £49.99 in the UK too.View Deal

Sony PlayStation 4 Platinum Wireless headset for just $120 at Walmart
The Premium PlayStation 4 headset is that in every word from sound quality, to features to comfort. And now, at price, too. It's also on offer in the UK at Amazon going for £99.99 which is an absolute bargain (I can personally testify.)View Deal

Personally, I can't recommend either of these headsets more as it's what my friends and I play with. Never once has there been a problem or dip down from anything other than great quality in our experience. The Platinum's 3D audio feature, combined with 'Sony-attached' game studios like Naughty Dog saying they're fans of it, means that the Platinum may well be a bit more future proof, but either would be exceptional acquisitions.

Don't forget to check out some of the rest of the Days of Play-inspired sales, with some great games being reduced, 12-month PS Plus subs on offer, and a limited edition Days of Play PS4 console. Mmm, delicious.

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