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Solomon Kane clips online

Michael J Bassett’s epic film adaptation of Robert E Howard’s classic swords and sorcery tale hits UK screens on 5 February, 2010.

Which is probably why it’s being given a bit of a push like the clips we’ve found below.

Yes, various Solomon snippets have been unveiled over at the film's official website. There's a hi-def version of the trailer that set tongues wagging when it premiered at this year’s Comic Con, as well as a few nifty behind the scenes peeks at the film’s many fights.

It’s all obviously heavily influenced by everything from Lord of the Rings to Constantine , but Kane still looks like one to watch come February.

We don’t even mind that James Purefoy as the titular Solomon looks like the long lost brother of Hugh Jackman’s Van Helsing (crossover anyone?)

See what you think;

Buzz from early screenings has been erring on the positive, so we quite fancy a bit of medieval madness to balance out the heavyweight drama of the early, Oscar-baiting films of 2010.

Kane for Best Picture? Now that would make things interesting come March...

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