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Sling Cyber Monday deal gets you an extra month of live TV free for a 1 month sub

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The Sling Cyber Monday deal is the same discount the company has been offering since Black Friday, and it's just as good of a saving now as it was then. If you're looking to cut the cord or get some live TV back into your life, you can currently sign up for one month of Sling and get another month for free - that's right, we have a BOGO situation on our hands here. It's only for new subscribers, so it won't help you out if you've already been a member in the past - though you could always try making a new account.

If you're not familiar with its offering, Sling isn't another on-demand streaming service. Instead, it gives you access to a selection of more than 50 live TV channels so you can catch news, sports, and more straight through your set-top box or smart TV. Handily, it also comes with a free Cloud DVR that allows you to easily record up to 10 hours of programming for later viewing, so you can still get some on-demand goodness when it fits your schedule better.

At its base price of $30 a month, Sling lets you choose between Sling Blue and Sling Orange packages. Both include a standard selection of channels including AMC, A&E, and Cartoon Network, while Blue includes a slightly broader selection with up to three device streams at once instead of only one. If you prefer, you can pay extra for a combo with both.

Sling BOGO subscription: $59.98

Sling BOGO subscription: $59.98 $29.99 for two months
Get live TV in your home with access to more than 50 channels and an included Cloud DVR to make sure you don't miss your favorite shows. This deal gives you a free month just for signing up for the first - scroll down a bit to see the deal.

Since you're saving money on your live TV service, you might as well put that toward our Cyber Monday TV deals and get a beautiful new screen to watch it on.

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