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SFX at Comic-Con

A little pictorial taster of how things are shaping up in the hours before the doors are flung open to the public

It’s day one of Comic-Con, around 1.30pm here in San Diego, and the public will be let in for Preview Night later this evening. But because we’re exhibiting we’ve been in the Hall, and we can give you a taster of how things are looking. Especially impressive are the Tron Legacy stand (pictured below) and the Thor throne room set (not pictured below because we were chased away by big guys growling, “NO PHOTOS!” but we’re sure they’ll leak out soon).

We also bumped into Paul Cornell right in front of the convention centre, waved at Pat Mills across the road, spotted cars pimped Ghostbusters and Chuck stylee, recreated the SFX logo in human form (badly) and had coffee in a café that’s been taken over by SyFy. More later…