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SFX 270 On sale now!

SFX: The Final Frontier! Yes, the latest issue of SFX is on sale now, raising a glass of the finest, most illegal Romulan Ale to fifty thrilling years of Star Trek! We're bringing you a massive 23 page celebration of Gene Roddenberry's world-changing creation, complete with a choice of three collectable covers in authentic Starfleet colours! Which will you choose? Please note: purchase of a red cover guaranteed not to increase statistical probability of being killed in disposable fashion on a hostile alien planet.

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Our long range news probes tirelessly scour the uncharted reaches of the entertainment industry to bring you the latest word on Stan Lee's Lucky Man, the Lucifer TV show and Japan-set blood-curdler The Forest. Plus: five minutes in the ever tenacious company of Jack Black, talking Goosebumps!


Set phasers to flashback! From William Shatner to Jonathan Frakes, Brannon Braga to Bryan Burk, stars and creators recall five decades of the final frontier in an interview-packed Trekfest. There may be Tribbles ahead...


Our massive Star Trek celebration warps into the future, too, as we preview the golden anniversary adventure, set for release this summer. All the crucial intel on the Enterprise's next big screen voyage!


David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson sit down in a moodily lit, smoke-filled room while SFX persuades them to give total disclosure on the return of The X-Files. Wait, is that a black helicopter we hear outside? Or the lonesome mating cry of Bigfoot?


You want superheroes? This show's got 'em in bulk. Did they get a discount? Get the inside word on Legends Of Tomorrow, the DC TV universe's biggest, bravest, boldest offering yet...


It is a truth universally acknowledged that everything is improved with the addition of shambling, rotting, grave-defying monstrosities - even classics of English literature. Director Burr Steers tells us how he brought brain-hungering zombie action to the refined social milieu of Jane Austen. Prepare the smelling salts!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the big screen, Jekyll And Hyde on TV, Tricia Sullivan's Occupy Me in books and Doctor Strange in comics. We have fully loaded opinions and we're gonna use them, pal.

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