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Sexy ladies hired to make StarCraft II midnight launch sexy

As sequels go, StarCraft II took its bloody time. But the excruciating 12 year wait for fans of the sci-fi strategy base builder was finally over last night as the game enjoyed a global midnight launch all around the, er, globe. A truly historic occasion and cause for widespread rejoicing amongst the PC community.

The game's maker, Blizzard, catalogued the event by posting a bunch of photos on itsStarCraft II Facebook page. And it looks like it was a rip-roaring success. Thankfully, to ensure it wasn't just wall-to-wall beards and men and unwashed armpits, someone had the good sense to hire a few women, which consequently added a little feminine sexy to proceedings.

I've taken the liberty of raiding Blizzard's photo collection for the purposes of bringing the sexy, sexy ladies of the StarCraft II global midnight launch to the attention of GamesRadar patrons. Here they are:

Above: Some dude at the Singapore launch holding a BlizzCon sign while flanked by six smiling ladies

Above: Female crowd pleaser gets double thumbs-up in Stockholm. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden

Above: A lot of people at the Paris event, but unfortunately no sign of any hired women. Or any women at all. Not that many beards either

Above: I think these ladies were at the London launch. They might even speak cockney

Above: Based purely on the evidence in this photo, I'd say that the Taiwanese launch was the best one

Go check out theStarCraft II Facebook pagefor more photos from the global launch. It's well worth a browse in a being nosey and looking at other people's photos on Facebook kind of way.

July 28, 2010

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