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Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

Hello and welcome to this week’s SFX Bargain round up. Read on for some tempting bargains ideas to eat up your spare cash.

To begin with we’ll remind you of a few ongoing deals from around the interweb. Amazon has a 2 Blu-rays for £12 offer including films such as 28 Days Later, Stargate: Continuum and The Day The Earth Stood Still .

Zavvi still has its games offer on; 2 Games for £25 , with a range of titles, over various game platforms, including Deus Ex 3, Final Fantasy XIII and Resident Evil amongst others. Zavvi also has its own 2 Blu-rays for £12 offer, with titles such as Doomsday, Outlander and Equilibrium available. Base still has its 5 DVDs for £10 offer running. And not wanting to be left out of all this bargain goodness, Play has a 2 Blu-rays for £10 offer currently on the go too. Check ’em out, they might have something for you.

On the individual finds this week we have True Blood ’s Ryan Kwanten starring as want-to-be superhero Griff in Griff the Invisible on DVD for £8.90 and on Blu-ray for £13.99 .

And while we’re talking about superheroes you can find out what it’s like to be a real live masked vigilante. Check out Superheroes available on DVD for £7.49 from Amazon.

Zavvi has a Blu-ray pack including both Night Watch and Day Watch . You can pick up these Russian supernatural actioners for just £8.95 .

Stop-motion fans out there might be interested in this Ray Harryhausen Collection . The set features 20 Million Miles To Earth, Earth Vs The Flying Saucers and It Came From Beneath The Sea , all on DVD for £11.99 .

A couple of TV boxed set suggestions for you next. See Jack and Gwen from the start in this Torchwood series one to four boxed set on Blu-ray for £39.95 .

101CD has the complete Life on Mars boxed set for £15.95 and the complete Ashes To Ashes set for £22.69 . That’s all the Gene Hunt you can get for under £40 . Not bad. The recent V remake seasons one and two can be yours on DVD for £15.99 .

ITV’s Primeval is available from Amazon in this complete series one to five boxed set for £26.99 .

Finally on the TV front we have last Christmas’s Doctor Who special on DVD for £5.97 .

Over to Asda now and on the DVD front we spotted The Thing prequel for £9 , Dream House for £10 and SMG’s Possession for £8 .

On the Blu-ray shelf we saw Transformers: Dark Of The Moon on triple play for £10 and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen for £8 , Final Destination 5 on triple play for £10 and Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes for £11 .

In Morrison’s there was the X-Men Quadrilogy for £9 , The Happening, Wanted and I am Legend for £3 each, Scott Pilgrim for just £2 , Source Code for £6 , Paul for £5 and the Ultimate Avengers animated movie, again for £5 . Also on the shelves in Morrison’s we saw a Planet Of The Apes box-set featuring all five of the classic films for £8 and The Game Of Thrones season one box-set on DVD for £24 . We also found an Arnie triple bill including Commando, Predator and The Terminator for £7 .

Tesco had Apollo 18 for £8 , Sucker Punch for £5 , Dead Air for £7 and Battle LA for £7 . Tesco also had a few movie boxed sets this week including The Matrix trilogy, The Spider-Man trilogy and a Transformers box-set for £9 each. And Tesco still has the Game Of Thrones Blu-ray boxed set for £32 , which is cheaper than we’ve seen it anywhere else.

All three supermarkets had an array of DVD releases for £7 each including Thor, Conan the Barbarian, Captain America, X-Men - First Class, Cowboys versus Aliens, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows parts one and two and Super 8 .

SFX forumite suggestions this week include Nightrain who saw Serenity for a bargaintastic £1 in their local Poundland. We spotted the same film on Blu-ray from Play for £5.49 .

Bargains regular Radical Edward brought us a Scott Pilgrim Vs The World/Hot Fuzz/Shaun Of The Dead triple pack on DVD for £7 , a Cult Sci-fi Collection box-set for £11.95 , both Hellboy films for £5 and a Fantasy Adventure Triple featuring Eragon, The Dark Is Rising and Jumper for £4.19 . Radical also found this “Greatest Ever Fantasy Films” (it’s debatable) box-set which contains The Grinch, Nanny McPhee, Jumanji and Labyrinth , all for just £9.95 .

Finally from Radical this week we have the Planet Of The Apes : Evolution Collection containing all seven films in one box for £23.49 .

Pink And Perky Are Sci-fi told us that Forbidden Planet has some Star Wars collectibles going dirt cheap. Mini-busts for £1.99 and the Helmet Collection from £9.99 down to a smashing 99p . Might be worth popping in your local shop for a look-see.

Silverfox 67 brought news of everybody’s favourite serial killer this week: this Dexter boxed set including seasons one to five is available on DVD for £34 . Mr Fox also told us about Paul on a special edition Blu-ray for just £6.95 .

A couple of random ideas next; first we have this Star Trek Captain Kirk & Kor the Klingon Mr Potato Head set for £24.99 . You can also get Spock & Uhura for £22.39 .

If anyone out there ever wanted to be a Dalek here’s your chance. This all-in-one cheap and cheerful bronze Dalek Costume is on sale from Play for just £8.21 .

Joker’s Masquerade has a slightly more expensive version in black . At £19.99 it’s still half the original price, and perfect for any upcoming fancy dress party.

If you find anything we’ve brought you this week cheaper somewhere else please mention it in the comments section below. We want as many bargains ideas for our readers as we can get.
And remember; if you there spot a sci-fi bargain you want to share please click through to our forum and mention it in the relevant thread. This thread is for bargain films and this one is for TV bargains and finally this thread is for any random bargain you might find. Keep your eyes peeled for great offers for your fellow geek and maybe your find will be in the bargain list next time.