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Save 35% on a WD 5TB game drive and never run out of console space with this Black Friday HDD deal

WD hard drive
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Getting a Black Friday hard drive deal is the perfect antidote to our games getting bigger and bigger nowadays - you only need to look at the eye-watering size of the last couple of Call of Duty's to know that the internal drive of your console is going to fill up fast if you try to keep up with the latest releases. If you've been a PS4 or Xbox One player for some time and have recently upgraded to PS5 and Xbox Series X, then you'll probably have a large back catalogue of games you'll want to bring over to your new system, and while there are plenty of Black Friday SSD deals around you'll find that standard HDDs are much more affordable while still being up to the task.

For those looking to store a lot of games, the Western Digital Black P10 game drive is the perfect solution, which is why it's stood out for us in the Black Friday deals. To start with, you get a whopping 5TB of storage space which you'd be hard-pressed to completely fill – that's room for well over a hundred large-scale games, and you'll likely be able to store significantly more than that with smaller releases too. Also, the Black P10 is designed with portability in mind and has a durable metal cover for protection, which provides peace of mind whether you're regularly moving it between systems or just prone to occasional knocks.

WD Black P10 5TB HDD | £135

WD Black P10 5TB HDD | £135 £87.99 at Amazon
Western Digital know their stuff when it comes to HDDs, and the Black P10 is a portable game drive targeted at consoles and PCs. Not only does the 5TB capacity allow potentially hundreds of games to be installed, but the durable metal casing means you can port it around between locations without fear of damaging the drive.

For clarity, the Western Digital Black P10 is compatible with PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, and Xbox One, but you can only use it to store PS4 or Xbox One games, as next-gen releases need to be installed direct to the internal SSD. It's possible there will be options in the future to at least store PS5 or Xbox Series X games to an external HDD when not in use, so adding 5TB to your system will future-proof your console while still covering all your current storage needs.

If you've not made the leap to next-gen yet, or you're looking for accessories to go with your recent upgrade, then check out what Black Friday PS5 deals and Black Friday Xbox Series X deals are available. And if you want your latest tech to look its best then the Black Friday TV deals could have the perfect screen for you.

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