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The Room 3 walkthrough

Chapter 2: The Clock Tower

Place your new pyramid on the table and a device will rise up from the gloopy liquid. Use the dials to line up the shapes with the partial arch on the wall to make a complete archway.

Head through the new door and over to the left corner

Arrange the sliders as above to get the power flowing.

Follow the wire and flip the lever.

Follow the wire to the box and flip all four switches to reveal the button in the middle. Give it a push.

Head over to this panel and press and hold the left button until the lamp in the background switches on, then press and hold the button on the right to match up the waveforms.

Once you arrive in the new area, grab the wheel with a handle from the top of the grey box by the face of the clock tower.

Examine the gold box and flip the handle over into the cradle.

Now examine the side of the box with a metal pillar stuck behind the glass door. Slide the two latches at the top to the outer edges to open the door and retrieve the metal pillar.

Slot the metal pillar onto the top of the box and slide it over to the left to mirror its gold counterpart.

Flip open the lid and slide over the gold panel at the bottom left corner of the maze. This will prompt a tower to appear. Use your eyepiece to look inside.

Open up the circular panel on the left of the box to find a crank handle.

Inspect the right side of the box and turn the centre piece until it aligns with the four metal pins on the outer edge. When they drop into place, take the metal ring.

Pop the metal ring onto the front of the box and rotate it so that the hole is over the square slot. Insert and use the crank handle to reveal a panel at the top of the box.

Slide the frame into the position above so that it matches the image at the bottom, then pull the handle on the left across to the right and flip the switch.

You'll be deposited back outside to solve the maze puzzle. Use the bottom left switch to move the discs horizontally, and the one on the right to move them vertically.

Here's what to do with the first puck.

Here's the path for the second one.

The third route.

And the final puck's path.

Use your eyepiece to peek into the newly opened hole and insert the crank handle into the slot on the right.

Rotate the disc in the middle so that the lines are horizontal and move the gear over to it using the crank.

Rotate the disc to the vertical position and slide the top section across to the right, Use the crank to move the gear onto the top panel.

Rotate the central disc to the horizontal position and slide the top panel back over to the left.

Now spin the centre circle to the vertical position again and use the crank to get the gear to the end of the track over on the left, then push the button that pops up.

Scoot up to the top of the box and line up the panels underneath the metal frame to match the bottom image, then slide the handle from left to right, flip the switch, and grab the gear.

Now that you're back in the main room, stick the gear into this mechanism, to the left of the grey box.

Make your way up the new staircase and examine the wheel to the left.

Pop the metal wheel over this one and spin it anticlockwise to ring the bell above.

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