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The Room 3 walkthrough

Chapter 1 - The Lighthouse

Once you've left the relative safety of the train, you'll be deposited outside of this door. Examine the panel and slide the latch to peek through to the room beyond.

Once you've finished spying, zoom back out, pop on your eyepiece, and examine the podium in the middle of the room.

Match the items in the rotating compartments with the trite brain teasers painted on each side. The silent face without hands is a watch, the power of flight and well of knowledge is a feather, and nothing is needed by the rich, but it's all the poor have.

You'll be rewarded with a note and a box containing an attachment for your eyepiece.

Using your newly modded eyepiece, examine the keyhole in the door. The tumblers are connected in pairs - the two on the left are connected, as are the two on the right. Simply turn one wheel of each pair until they both light up, and repeat with the next pair.

Enter the room and chuck your pyramid onto the table to receive an emblem.

You'll need to use this on the wall behind you.

Insert the emblem into the space at the bottom right and you'll be presented with another puzzle.

Arrange the left side like so.

This is what the right side should look like.

Go through to the newly opened room and investigate the contraption on the left.

Arrange the switches as pictured to restore power.

Flip the lever on the board on the desk.

Now examine the large box to the right. Flip all four switches and press the button that's revealed after doing so.

Turn your attention to the small panel at the back of the room. Turn the knob on the left until you see a light switch on at the other side off the room. Turn the right dial until the waveforms are overlayed.

This will bring you to a new room.

Examine the left side of the table and pull back the cover, then flip the latch.

Take the cog from the drawer and slot it into the middle of the table, then watch what looks like the intro to Game of Thrones unfold.

Before we proceed with the goings on at the table, look to the left and you'll spot a plaque on the floor.

Slide it back to reveal a hidden compartment.

Grab the sphere tucked away in here and spin it around to find the hidden magnet. We'll need this later.

Back at the table, spin the waterwheel on the side of the small house to open up a tiny door. Use the eyepiece to look inside.

Pull on the snake's tail to start this puzzle.

Match up the diamond patterns on its body so that three of the same kind run along the side.

Push the button on the back of its head to make it relinquish the second magnet.

Zoom out and investigate the desk behind the table.

You need to enter the name of the tower - Pyre. With the slider on the first letter, hit the switches pictured above.

Slide it over to the second letter and push the knobs pictured above.

Now for the third letter.

And finally, the 'e'.

Grab the wooden arch and head back to the table.

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