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The Room 3 walkthrough

Chapter 4: The Observatory

Add the pyramid to the collection on the table and pick up the book.

Go up the stairs to the library and place the book on the stand to reveal a hidden lift.

Ride the elevator up to the next floor and head across to the other side of balcony to get the power started.

Arrange the sliders like so, flip the lever, and do the usual at the box.

You can't complete the next step because the panel is broken. Grab the screwdriver from the left.

Take the lift back down and leave the library. Make your way back to the study, via the doorway with the red curtain, and use the screwdriver on the panel here.

Remove the electrical component and retrace your steps to the broken panel.

Insert the electrical component into the broken panel and close the compartment. Use the dial on the left to make the light switch on, and the dial on the right to line up the waveforms.

Head through the doorway and into the observatory.

Examine the circular panel to the right and spin the blue pieces around until all four lights are lit up.

Remove the etched disc and go over to the table on the other side of the room.

Turn the handle on the gold dome to open it up and drop the etched disc inside.

Rotate the discs to complete the image and take the crystal star.

Insert the star on the large star map opposite, then poke the gems along the dragon's body pictured above, to mirror the Draco the Dragon image from the etched discs.

Take the telescope lens and parchment and return to the desk. Place the parchment over the tablet and scooch it down to the position above. Make a note of the symbols in the holes.

Turn the wheel at the back of the room to bring the telescope down.

Zoom in on the star dial and turn the display until the image from the tablet is highlighted.

Do the same with the moon dial.

Replace the broken telescope lens and twirl the knobs around to complete the constellation. Pick up the metal plate.

Pop the metal plate onto the tablet. Use your eyepiece and make a note of the next symbol for the star dial.

Slide it down and you'll see the symbol for the moon dial.

Back at the telescope, zoom in on the star dial and line up the display as shown.

Do the moon dial next.

Use the knobs to line up the next constellation and take the iron handle.

Go into the hallway outside of the room with the telescope and use the iron handle to unlock this door.

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