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Retrothon: Watch retro games, win prizes, and support charity all weekend

Nearly all of the games in the team's staggering list are the real deal - "dusty, smelly old cartridges," as the site puts it. The event, by the way, is being organized by GR reader Kyle Owsen and four friends - he tipped us off to their marathon earlier this week, and how could we not promote something that both supports charity and features 26 Colecovision games?!

Aside from the joy of seeing classic games dug out of a box and given the love they deserve, and the happy feelings that come with donating to charity, the team will be giving away some of its retro game collection during the event. If you ever wanted your very own boxed copy of Star Strike, now's your chance!

Good luck guys!

Apr 1, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer