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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 2: Contemplation- Barry and Natalia

As Barry and Natalia retrace Claire and Moira's footsteps, you'll pass through some familiar locations, but as we're operating on the assumption that you're fresh from their campaign, collectibles in hand, we won't be covering anything you should have already picked up. So if it's not mentioned, it's not worth getting.

Insect Larvae #1

From the starting point of Barry and Natalia's half of the campaign, turn around and head back into the building.

You'll pop out by the broken bridge from episode 1.

Make your way around to the left of the building. If you need a brick to clobber the bug, you can grab one from the area to the right

The larvae is on the ground, next to the fence.

Tower Emblem #6

Eventually, the pair will drop down into an area containing some dilapidated buildings.

Head to the remains of the wooden shack to the right.

The Tower Emblem is inside (I use the term loosely), in the corner above the barrels.

Gimmick Box #1

Your next objective will be to locate the back gate key, so head up the path to the left and through the blue door.

Turn left to find the box next to some felled trees.

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