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Resident Evil 7 collectibles - Files, Antique Coins, Mr Everywheres, and Videotapes location guide

Wrecked Ship

Antique Coin 15/18

Once you see the flashback of two guys in hazmat suits and drop down into a tunnel, follow it left then right, and right again when it opens up to find a coin in a dead end.

Antique Coin 16/18

After you see Eveline for the first time then climb a ladder, drop into the next room then check the corner on your left to find this coin underwater.

File 23/32: Jim's Letter

When you see Eveline again on the stairs, turn right at the top and follow the corridor around to enter a bunk room through the second door on your left. Look on the bottom bunk at the back of the room for this file.

File 24/32: Giovanni's Will

Now go through the door into the next room to find another file on the table next to a crate.

Note: Make sure you go to the other end of the 1F corridor to enter the Maintenance Room (bottom left of Wrecked Ship 1F map) to find a handgun in the desk drawer.

Videotape 4/4: Old Videotape

When you reach 3F of the Wrecked Ship, head through the rooms and you'll be instructed to watch a videotape.

You should unlock the Be Kind, Please Rewind trophy/achievement when you watch the videotape.

File 25/32: Orders

Once the videotape starts, turn left and grab this file from the desk.

File 26/32: Tattered Secret Document

After finishing the videotape, head out of the safe room into the lift area and examine the case on the floor in the corner.

Mr Everywhere 16/20

When you've climbed up the lift to 4F and Eveline has called you a liar, loop around to the 4F stairs to find a bobble head by the handrail to the side.

Map: Ship

Now enter the Captain's Cabin on 4F and look on the desk for a map of the area.

File 27/32: Mechanic's Memo

Pick up the Lug Wrench from the Captain's desk, then drop down onto the top of the lift and open the hatch with the wrench. Once inside, read the note stuck inside the lift.

Captain's Cabin Locker Key

Now climb up out of the lift to 2F (grab the survival knife in front of you if you haven't already) and turn left, using some Corrosive to unlock the first door to the Bunk Room. On the desk inside you'll find the Captain's Cabin Locker Key, then take it up to 4F and open the locker to obtain the Machine Gun.

Mr Everywhere 17/20

Return to 2F and head for the room in the top right corner of the map, then climb the ladder inside and turn around to spot a bobblehead on a ledge opposite. Grab the Lockpick in the box here as you'll need it for the next Antique Coin.

Corrosive Puzzle

If you need any more Corrosive (make sure you save at least one for Antique Coin 18) then head to the Lounge on 2F. Rotate the pictures on the left wall as you enter to match those on the right and the safe will unlock, giving you three more Corrosive to use.


Head down to 1F and use a Corrosive to enter the Recreation Room, where you'll find a Rucksack to increase your carry capacity.

Antique Coin 17/18

Return to 3F via the lift, then enter the Control Room and open the orange crate with a Lockpick to collect the coin inside.

Antique Coin 18/18

Once you've fixed the lift and travelled to the bottom level, continue forward until you meet a Fat Man, then down the steps beyond you'll see a secure box on the wall. Open it with a Corrosive to reveal the final Antique Coin.

At this point you should unlock the Pelicans in Your Pocket trophy/achievement.

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