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Resident Evil 7 collectibles - Files, Antique Coins, Mr Everywheres, and Videotapes location guide

Old House

Map: Old House

When you enter the Old House, go left then turn right and through the door. Run through the Guest Room to minimise the impact of the flying insects, then exit at the other end and follow the corridor around to grab the map.

Mr Everywhere 8/20

Now continue ahead through the Gallery to get outside, then turn left to find a save room with a bobblehead on the side to your left as you enter.


In the same save room next to the tape recorder, grab the rucksack to increase your inventory capacity.

Mr Everywhere 9/20

Head to the Living Room and destroy the insect nest in the fireplace (the Burner is good for this, grab the other half from the Water Station to assemble it if you haven't already) then crawl through to spot a bobblehead on your left before going down the stairs.

Antique Coin 10/18

Now continue down those stairs and look on the trolley to the left for another coin.

File 15/32: Marguerite's Warning

After using the Stone Statuette to open the passageway and squeezing through, go up the stairs on the right hand side and read the note by the Crow Door.

Mr Everywhere 10/20

Now head around the corner and down into the crawl space, then look on the shelves to the left above a pet carrier.

Antique Coin 11/18

Once you've located the Crank, head outside past the Water Station and use it to raise the bridge, then enter the shack and check on top of the toilet.

File 16/32: Serum Documentation

After fighting with Marguerite in the Old House and climbing out of the hole, unlock the Crow Door ahead then interact with the case on the table in the first room and read the note on the lid.

File 17/32: Marguerite's Notebook

Now follow the corridor to the next room, where this file is on a table next to the piano.

Antique Coin 12/18

Continue along the corridor to reach the room with the lantern in it, then turn right and open the drawer to find a coin.

Mr Everywhere 11/20

There's also a bobblehead on the dresser in the middle of this room.

Treasure Photo 2/3

After going back down the hole in the Old House and following Marguerite through the tunnel, you'll find a Treasure Photo at the bottom of the stairs closest to you when you emerge on the other side. Now return to the caravan and search the toilet to receive some Magnum bullets.

File 18/32: Memo on Deputy's Head

Once you've completed the Old House section and obtained the D-Series Arm, return to the caravan where you'll be prompted to check the fridge and find this grisly note.

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